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ReSharper SDK Adventures Part 9 — Update notifications

Welcome to another part of the ReSharper SDK Adventures! One of the problems that many plugin developers face is in being able to update their plugins after they are released, so in this post we’ll take a look at how … Continue reading

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Line-by-line profiling with dotTrace Performance

dotTrace Performance allows us to profile an application in several ways. We can choose between sample profiling, tracing profiling and line-by-line profiling. Generally sampling profiling is used first to acquire a high-level overview of call performance in an application, after … Continue reading

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ReSharper and custom ASP.NET MVC view location

Since ReSharper 5, we’ve had splendid support for ASP.NET MVC. One of the features included for ASP.NET MVC is Navigate to View and Create View. When working in an ASP.NET MVC action method, these methods allows us to either navigate … Continue reading

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CatelR# – a niche plugin for the Catel framework

Most ReSharper plugins provide general-purpose services – spell checking, style enforcement, unit testing, code generation or context actions for XAML, string manipulation or code quality. The focus is wide, either concentrating on multiple file types or multiple analyses. The CatelR# … Continue reading

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JetBrains is Going to the “City of Light” for TechDays France

Catch up with the JetBrains Team February 12-14th at Palais des Congrès in Paris for Microsoft TechDays France. This massive conference is one of the most important IT events in Europe featuring 300+ sessions, 140 exhibitors and attracting some 17,500 … Continue reading

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Agent Mulder – supporting IoC in ReSharper

The almost pervasive use of IoC containers in modern-day enterprise apps presents a special challenge to ReSharper. After all, how can ReSharper possibly know that a type, which for all intents and purposes appears to be unused, is actually configured … Continue reading

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ReSharper plugins for unit testing – MSpec, and Silverlight

ReSharper provides comprehensive support for running and debugging unit tests. Out of the box, it works with NUnit and Microsoft’s Visual Studio Unit Testing Framework (henceforth mstest for brevity) for .Net languages, and supports QUnit and Jasmine for JavaScript. The … Continue reading

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R2P: A General-Purpose ReSharper Plugin

R2P (short for ‘Refactoring to Patterns’) is a plugin that embodies a collection of features of a fairly experimental nature. It does not have a single theme but, rather, tries to do different things in different areas of ReSharper. Let’s … Continue reading

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ReSpeller: A Spell-Checking Plugin for ReSharper

Those of you who have worked with IntelliJ IDEA and related products know that all those IDEs have incorporated a built-in spell checker for a very long time. With ReSharper, the situation is slightly different in that we have several … Continue reading

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Introducing ForTea – a T4 templating plugin for ReSharper

T4 files have sometimes suffered from a lack of love. It’s brilliant that Visual Studio provides an ASP.NET-like template language in the box with Visual Studio, but there is not much support – for example, there is no syntax colouring … Continue reading

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