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IntelliJ IDEA Local History: A Life Saver

Some of you may not be aware of the fact that IntelliJ IDEA constantly tracks any changes you make to the project files. On the other hand, people who have used it for a while, call this feature a real … Continue reading

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IntelliJ IDEA on Rails

Ruby plugin for IntelliJ IDEA was recently beefed up with several new features: Quick creating of controller actions with alt+insert Go to action from view template with gutter navigation icon Go to view template from action with gutter navigation icon … Continue reading

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Rolling with Ruby on Rails and IntelliJ IDEA

Our team has published the first implementation of Ruby plugin that turns IntelliJ IDEA into a decent IDE for developing Ruby and Ruby on Rails applications. Despite it’s in beta stage as of yet, it has recevied very positive feedback … Continue reading

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TeamCity 1.1 minor release: new features, bugfixes, and usability improvements

The latest version of TeamCity is now available at Download page. This release is mainly aimed at improving product quality based on your bug reports and feedback, which we really appreciate. We have also added several features that make your … Continue reading

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Designing GUI with pleasure: live demo

The live demo showing the enhanced GUI Designer (one of the announced features of the IntelliJ IDEA 6.0 release) is published at Javalobby. The presentation is made by Dmitry Jemerov, JetBrains developer who actually made all the new GUI designer … Continue reading

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IntelliJ IDEA 6.0: GWT support

IntelliJ IDEA always strives for innovations. So, the innovative Google Web Toolkit is supported in forthcoming IntelliJ IDEA 6.0 release. Moreover, you can try it right now – the latest EAP version of IntelliJ IDEA comes bundled with GWT Studio … Continue reading

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Team Server and IntelliJ IDEA presentations on Google Video

On March, 15th JetBrains made presentations on Team Server and IntelliJ IDEA at Google. The live video of these two presentations is now available at GoogleVideo. Here what Alex Tkachman, JetBrains marketing director who also participated at the presentations, says … Continue reading

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New demos

During the last three months JetBrains created a series of Flash demos. Two of them are “presentation demos” showing the main functionality of IntelliJ IDEA: IntelliJ IDEA Overview and Web and Enterprise Development with IntelliJ IDEA. Other demos are “tutorials” … Continue reading

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i18n support

It is widely announced that the recently released version 5.1 of IntelliJ IDEA provides an “industry-leading i18n support”. But what does that mean? Well, this phrase covers not just one particular feature, but the whole set of enhancements, improvements, and … Continue reading

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