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IntelliJ IDEA to Play in Developer Sandbox at Google I/O 2013

Woohoo! For the third year in a row, the IntelliJ IDEA team will participate in the Developer Sandbox at Google I/O 2013. We are thrilled to receive an invitation from the Google Android team to show off our Android support … Continue reading

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Android Code Styles in IntelliJ IDEA 12

If you are developing for Android, you probably deal with XML files every day. These are the manifests, layouts, drawables, resource files and many others. That’s why in IntelliJ IDEA 12 we have added a new option for the code … Continue reading

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New XML Refactorings for Android Developers

Recently, we’ve added a number of new refactorings for Android XML layout files. All the refactorings can be used right in the editor, in the UI designer (from “Design” panel or “Component Tree”) or can be invoked from the Structure … Continue reading

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Android UI Designer Coming in IntelliJ IDEA 12

Today we have exciting news for all Android developers who use IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate or IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition as their IDE of choice — Android UI Designer, one of the most desired features, is finally coming with the release … Continue reading

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Launching Android tools right from IntelliJ IDEA

This is a post from MobileTech conference in Munich, Germany where we enjoy talking to a bunch of mobile developers about IntelliJ IDEA for Android and AppCode for iOS. And we thought like sharing with you one more feature coming in IntelliJ … Continue reading

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Validation of unknown tags and attributes in Android XML files

In the latest IntelliJ IDEA 11.1 EAP we’ve added 2 new inspections that warn you about unknown attributes and tags in Android XML resource files and AndroidManifest.xml: IntelliJ IDEA can validate both system attributes and local ones defined in attrs.xml … Continue reading

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Integration with Android Lint tool in IntelliJ IDEA 11.1

In IntelliJ IDEA 11.1 we’ve added many inspections based on Android Lint tool, which reports many kinds of potential problems in the sources of your Android project. For example IntelliJ IDEA will notify you about useless views in layout xml files … Continue reading

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New in IntelliJ IDEA 11: Improved filtering in Android logcat

In IntelliJ IDEA 11 we’ve improved Android logcat view, so now watching the logs of your applications became much more convenient. First, you can create your own named filters and switch between them: You can use regular expressions to filter … Continue reading

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New in IntelliJ IDEA 11: Preview of Android UI layouts

IntelliJ IDEA 11 introduces a new feature that makes it much easier to design UI layouts for Android applications — UI layouts preview. Just open some layout xml file from your Android project and you’ll see a new Preview tool window.  … Continue reading

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New in 10.5: Attach debugger to a running Android process

Recently, we’ve introduced a new feature that should make it MUCH easier to debug your Android applications. Now, you can attach IntelliJ IDEA debugger to any process running on an Android device or in the emulator, which is related to the … Continue reading

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