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IntelliJ IDEA 10: free IDE for Android development

Yes, you’ve read it correctly. No mistake here. It’s been one year since we open-sourced IntelliJ IDEA and announced its free Community Edition. If you are curious to know the results of that bold move and see some stats and … Continue reading

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Android Library Projects Support

An Android library project is a development project that holds shared Android source code and resources. Other Android application projects can reference the library project and, at build time, include its compiled sources in their .apk files. IntelliJ IDEA X supports … Continue reading

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Android unit-testing support

With IntelliJ IDEA X you can write unit tests for your Android application using Android Testing Framework. Android unit tests are located in a separate test module, so first you need to add it (i.e. named tests) to your project, … Continue reading

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Android Logcat Support in Maia

In Maia you can find a new Android Logcat window that lets you see all log messages and exceptions when you are debugging an Android application. The Logging level list allows you to select what messages are displayed in console: Verbose … Continue reading

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Android Resource Management Features

Maia provides a number of smart features to make working with Android resources simpler. Convenient navigation from XML resource descriptors to appropriate Java fields in an R.java class… … and from Java code to resource files. Usage search for resources. … Continue reading

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Code Completion in Android XML Files

Maia provides code completion for AndroidManifest.xml and other XML resource files: AndroidManifest.xml file: Other XML resource files: For any Android XML file you also get completion of references to local and system resources:

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Developing Android Applications in Maia

Maia supports development of applications for Android operating system. To begin creating an Android application, open the File menu, click New Project, click Next, and then select Android Module type: Now you need to create Android SDK — just specify … Continue reading

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