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Debugger: working with sub-ranges for arrays and lists

During debugging IntelliJ IDEA shows only the first 100 elements of arrays and collections. It’s enough in most cases. However, it’s sometimes convenient to use a custom range. Exactly for this the ‘Adjust Range’ action has been available for arrays … Continue reading

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New in 10.5: Attach debugger to a running Android process

Recently, we’ve introduced a new feature that should make it MUCH easier to debug your Android applications. Now, you can attach IntelliJ IDEA debugger to any process running on an Android device or in the emulator, which is related to the … Continue reading

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IntelliJ IDEA: Debugging JavaScript in Google Chrome

IntelliJ IDEA 10 allows you to debug JavaScript code running it in Mozilla Firefox. In IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 can choose to debug JavaScript in Google Chrome as well. Debugger for Chrome supports all features of JavaScript debugger for Firefox, you … Continue reading

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Referencing marked objects in expression evaluation

You already may be familiar with the Mark Object (F11) functionality available in IntelliJ IDEA‘s debugger. The feature allows tagging an arbitrary object with a colored text label. After an object is assigned a label, it becomes visible everywhere the … Continue reading

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Improved Flex Debugger

It’s not a secret that IntelliJ IDEA has a fully functional interactive debugger for Flex and AIR applications. Here’s a list of features added or improved in upcoming IntelliJ IDEA 9.0.3 release: XML and XMLList runtime value view Smart Step … Continue reading

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JavaScript debugger improvements

In the latest IDEA 9.0.2 EAP build the new ‘Scripts’ tab is available in JavaScript Debug tool window: It displays all scripts loaded by Firefox in a tree-like structure and allows to open a script in the editor to set … Continue reading

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Debugger Evaluate Expression Enhancements

Say, you hit a breakpoint in Java code: And you cleanly see that component is a label: You now want to investigate label internals via Evaluate Expression (Alt+F8), e.g. invoke its getText() method, but component declared type is Component and it … Continue reading

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Debugging JavaScript in Mozilla Firefox

IntelliJ IDEA 9M1 supports debugging of JavaScript code in Mozilla Firefox. Just create a JavaScript Debug configuration, select Firefox from the Browser list and click OK:IntelliJ IDEA automatically installs plugin for Mozilla Firefox and executes the configuration.Note that you need … Continue reading

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On-demand Tooltip for Values in Debugger

In Maia you can quickly look up a value in a debugger session by hovering your mouse over it (which is very handy for text values, for example): When you need to browse through a large tree of values, this … Continue reading

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