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Webinar Recording: Functional Programming with Kotlin

The recording of our October 22nd webinar, Functional Programming with Kotlin, is now available on JetBrainsTV YouTube channel. In this talk, Mike Hearn provides a brief introduction to programming in Kotlin via practical example: creating a textfield with the autocomplete … Continue reading

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A New Open Source Web Site

We have a new web site and a new domain! It’s Open Source It would make no sense to be developing a language that is Open Source and not having an Open Source web site and documentation. We worked by … Continue reading

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An Interview with Andy Selvig, Author of Kara Web Framework

1. Hello Andy, thank you for taking the time to join us. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? I’m co-owner of Tiny Mission, a small web and mobile development company based in Minnesota, USA. In addition to my … Continue reading

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Contributing to Kotlin (Kontributing)

As you all know, Kotlin went Open Source two weeks ago. In this post, I give some instructions for prospective contributors and an overview of the contributions we already had. Kontrbute! Contributing to an open-source project is easy: Have a look at our … Continue reading

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The Road Ahead

As you all know, we rolled out our first public release last week: And while you (7K+ unique visitors) are having fun with it, we keep working on the Kotlin compiler, IDE and standard library. In this post, I’ll give an … Continue reading

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The Kotlin issue tracker is now public

Following the tradition of other JetBrains projects, we’ve opened up the issue tracker for Kotlin to the public. In the issue tracker, you can see some of our thinking and things we’re working on, and you can also file issues … Continue reading

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Why JetBrains needs Kotlin

The question of motivation is one of the first asked when someone learns that someone else is working on a new programming language. Kotlin documentation offers a fairly detailed overview of why the language exists. Still, we would like to make … Continue reading

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