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Working with composer.json in PhpStorm

What makes PHP great is the community that is building frameworks, libraries and nice tools. And more. This awesome community brought us Composer, a dependency manager for PHP which lets us install and update packages from and makes it easy to … Continue reading

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Laravel Development using PhpStorm

Lots of PHP developers create their applications using Laravel, a free, open source PHP web application framework. It is built on top of several Symfony components, and provides a development framework that makes common tasks such as authentication, routing, sessions … Continue reading

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Developing on Pantheon with PhpStorm

Where do we host our applications? How do we deploy them? Can we have different environments like development, staging and production? A possible answer to all those questions is Pantheon. It provides hosting, database, caching, version control, different environments, workflows for … Continue reading

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Database Language Injection Configuration

Many applications written in PHP are connecting to a database. After connecting to the database from within the IDE, we can use language injections in PhpStorm to write our database-oriented code. The editor provides us full language support for SQL queries … Continue reading

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Live Edit for Node.js in PhpStorm 8

Live Edit has been in PhpStorm for a while. It allows us to change HTML, CSS and JavaScript code in the IDE and see the changes in the browser immediately, without reloading. PhpStorm 8 expands on this by adding Live Edit … Continue reading

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SensioLabsInsight Integration with PhpStorm

Earlier we announced a partnership between SensioLabs and JetBrains PhpStorm. Now we introduce integration between SensioLabsInsight and PhpStorm via a plugin that is already available in our repository. SensioLabsInsight seamlessly integrates with PhpStorm IDE via SensioLabsInsight plugin (developed by Daniel Espendiller). … Continue reading

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JetBrains & shortcutFoo PhpStorm/WebStorm hotkeys tournament

JetBrains and shortcutFoo have come together to sponsor this month’s PhpStorm/WebStorm hotkeys Tournament. Prove your knowledge of all the nifty hotkeys in WebStorm and PhpStorm and win a prize! Enter tournament now! ShortcutFoo was created by programmers for programmers in … Continue reading

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Smart Backspace in PhpStorm 8

PhpStorm 8 brings smarter Backspace key behavior: it doesn’t just remove indents and white spaces, but does so according to your code style settings. This new setting called Smart Backspace Indent makes editing code much more convenient. Feel free to slam it repeatedly and … Continue reading

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JetBrains & Zend technology partnership brings integration between PhpStorm and Zend Server

Today we are glad to announce that Zend and JetBrains team up to integrate PhpStorm and Zend Server, bringing in-context visibility and insight to developers with the help of both tools. Zend Server is an integrated platform for mobile and … Continue reading

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Language Injections Enhancements in PhpStorm 8

In many codebases, small islands of different programming languages are being used in code, for example chunks of JavaScript written in a PHP string, or portions of HTML in a JavaScript variable, or database queries inside a string. With PhpStorm 8, we’ve … Continue reading

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