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Introducing PhpStorm Video Tutorials

A lot of PhpStorm users have been asking us to create a series of video tutorials. Today, we’re happy to announce the availability of about two hours of video tutorials around PhpStorm which Maarten has been working on for the … Continue reading

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Working with Phar packages in PhpStorm

PHP comes with the Phar extension bundled, which allows us to put entire libraries or applications into a single “phar” file. This makes it easier to distribute our code: it’s just one file! PhpStorm can work with Phar packages in … Continue reading

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Loading PHPUnit from PHAR archive in PhpStorm 6

Since version 3.7 it is possible to load PHPUnit with all the required (as well as some optional) dependencies from a single PHAR file (see the official documentation for details). If you are stuck with PEAR dependency versions, it might … Continue reading

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Creating PHPUnit Tests in PhpStorm

Starting with PhpStorm 6.0, PHPUnit Skeleton Generator is no longer available in the IDE. PHPUnit tests creation functionality has been completely re-worked so that PhpStorm generates tests itself and you can benefit from its flexibility and code insight. The IDE … Continue reading

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