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Feature Spotlight: Python remote development with PyCharm

Happy Friday everyone, In today’s blog post I’m going to cover some basic principles and features in PyCharm that make Python remote development easy as pie. To demonstrate them I’ll use a very simple flask web application from the official … Continue reading

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Feature Spotlight: VCS integration in PyCharm

Happy Friday everyone, Today we’ll take a look at some of the basic VCS features in PyCharm that can help manage different version control systems. You may already know that PyCharm has seamless integration with major version controls like Git, … Continue reading

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Feature Spotlight: Reformatting Python code with Pycharm’s intentions

Happy Friday everyone! Did you have a chance to read one of my previous posts on how PyCharm helps you write clean and maintainable Python code? As a quick recap: Pycharm highlights code style violations with both PEP8 and custom … Continue reading

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Feature Spotlight: Find Usages & Locate Duplicates in Python Code

Happy Friday everyone, In the last week’s blog post I covered different refactoring capabilities of PyCharm. Today I’ll continue highlighting different handy features and show you some more tools that help you keep your code under full control. One of … Continue reading

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Feature Spotlight: Refactoring Python code

We all know that code can’t be crafted ideally from the beginning, especially in large projects. There is always a need to change something during the active development or maintenance stages. In fact refactoring is something you do all the … Continue reading

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Feature Spotlight: Navigating Python Code

As programmers we read more than we write. And when projects we’re working on become larger and more complex, the problem of understanding and getting around unfamiliar or even your own code becomes more and more essential. The faster and … Continue reading

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Feature Spotlight: Python Debugger and ‘Attach to Process’

Happy Friday everyone, Today I’d like to highlight some recent changes and improvements in PyCharm`s Python debugger and explore the brand new attach to process in more detail. Previously PyCharm used a special fork of the PyDev debugger with some … Continue reading

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Feature Spotlight: TextMate bundles in PyCharm

Happy Friday everyone, Today I’m going to shed some light on how to get syntax highlighting for unsupported languages and file types in PyCharm. As you probably know, PyCharm supports only a limited number of languages and technologies. PyCharm supports … Continue reading

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Feature Spotlight: IPython Notebook inside an IDE

Happy Friday everyone, This week I’d like to shed some light on the recently introduced IPython Notebook integration in latest PyCharm 4 which was announced a couple of weeks ago: This feature is considered to be the most important among … Continue reading

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Third PyCharm 4 EAP: NumPy array viewer, IPython notebook improvements, and more

Today we’re glad to let you know that the third PyCharm 4 EAP build 139.354 is ready for your evaluation. Please download it from our EAP page. Just as always, this EAP build can be used for 30 days after … Continue reading

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