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Working with TODO in PyCharm

This post originally written for PhpStorm by Maarten Balliauw, our Jetbrains Technical Evangelist, highlights simple yet handy “TODO” feature available in our Python IDE as well: When working on a project, it’s often desirable to create a list of tasks … Continue reading

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Vim as a Python IDE, or Python IDE as Vim

“Vim as a Python IDE” is a hot topic. Everybody knows Vim is an incredible text editor for typing and editing text very quickly and efficiently (if you are an experienced Vim user, that is). Moreover, it is highly customizable, … Continue reading

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Getting started with PyCharm is available

We are glad to let you know that we’ve just published our Getting Started with PyCharm tutorial to help jump-start your use of the PyCharm IDE. The tutorial is very simple as any getting started tutorial should be, and covers … Continue reading

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How PyCharm helps you with remote development

Have you ever wanted to develop a Python or Web application for Linux from your laptop running Windows 7 or MAC OS X? To debug or test your application on different operating systems without ever leaving the IDE? Or just … Continue reading

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Long-awaited PEP 8 checks on the fly, improved doctest support and more in PyCharm 2.7

PyCharm integration with PEP 8 It is not a secret that readability is one of the key features of Python. Indeed, a high level of readability is at the heart of Python’s design, following the recognized fact that code is … Continue reading

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Refactoring enhancements in PyCharm 2.7

PyCharm 2.7 now supports the following new refactoring features: Extract Parameter Extract on substrings Create Parameter quick-fix on unresolved reference Change Method Signature The Extract Parameter refactoring allows you to add a new parameter to a function declaration and update … Continue reading

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Dynamic runtime type inference in PyCharm 2.7

PyCharm’s debugger is now capable of collecting type information at runtime and using this information for improving code completion suggestions, code insight and quick documentation popups. This needs to be enabled in the debugger settings. You debug your code all … Continue reading

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Python 3.3 support in PyCharm 2.6

PyCharm has been updated to support the new language features of Python 3.3: New yield from expression for generator delegation The u’unicode’ syntax is accepted again for str objects New raise … from None syntax for suppressing exception context Reworked I/O exception hierarchy New venv standard … Continue reading

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Gevent debug support

Good news for everyone who uses gevent! Since the last PyCharm 2.6 EAP our visual debugger is able to deal with gevent monkey-patched code. To enable it just edit python/helpers/pydev/ in PyCharm installation and set the constant SUPPORT_GEVENT=True Your feedback … Continue reading

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The story behind Jython support in PyCharm

Giacomo Lacava recently wrote a blog post describing his not very good experience with Jython support in PyCharm. I’d like to explain what the situation actually is. First of all, PyCharm currently supports Python versions starting with 2.4. This means … Continue reading

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