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RubyMine TipCast: Find Files like a Pro

RubyMine provides numerous options to navigate from file to file: ‘Go to declaration’ (⌘B/Ctrl+B) Navigate to Rails… (⌥ ⇧ N/Alt+Shift+N) ⌘ Mouse Click/Ctrl+Mouse Click or mouse middle button click and many others. But sometimes you just need to open a … Continue reading

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Execute selected code in console

IRB console in RubyMine is a quick way to execute Ruby code. Here is a quick hint on how you can quickly execute some code from the editor. Tools | Start the IRB console Select a code Tools | Load … Continue reading

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5 keyboard shortcuts to get familiar with

You probably know RubyMine bases on IntelliJ platform and gets lots of cool features from the platform. Going even further, I will base this post on a post in IntelliJ IDEA blog. The author of the original posting has permitted … Continue reading

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Did you know? Finding usages…

No matter how long you know RubyMine, you can still find something new in it. I was doing Productivity Tips update just yesterday and found one thing I did not know We quite often need to find where something is … Continue reading

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What’s mining: run Rake tasks quickly

This one is really hot, not even available to our QA yet. We are adding the feature to quickly execute Rake tasks. Once activated, a field appears allowing to enter the name of a task to execute. The search mechanism … Continue reading

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