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A new way to compile

Together with the IDEA 12 release Scala plugin brings a brand new Scala compilation subsystem. Here are the main updates: The compilation is now “external”. Incremental compilation is now handled by SBT (instead of IDEA itself). Compile server is now … Continue reading

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Scala Worksheet

We are announcing start of Scala Worksheet feature support. It’s available in scala plugin for Leda from v.0.6.368. A worksheet is a scala file with .sc extension which you can run and  get evaluation results in a special view appeared … Continue reading

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Scala plugin for Nika

I want to announce that from now only very significant fixes will be backported to IDEA 11 plugin version (Nika). This can make things in Leda plugin version slightly faster. Automatical nightly builds deployment is stopped.

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Migration to GitHub

As you probably know we have GitHub mirror of Scala plugin sources: From now it’s not a mirror, it’s working repository. So it’s good idea to start social activity on GitHub right now.

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How to configure Scala plugin project

This post is inspired by Scalathon 2012 conference, where we found few enthusiasts, who want to improve their favorite IDE for Scala, they just didn’t know how to do it. Scala plugin project setup was simplified a lot recently. Additionally … Continue reading

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I18n for Scala

The internationalization (I18N) support is available now in Scala plugin with following features: Folding for i18n messages Create new property intention Navigation Completion

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Play 2.0 support

We are announcing start of Play 2.0 support. Alpha version of new Play 2.0 plugin  for IntelliJ IDEA just released: It comes with basic template language support, which includes go to declaration, completion and some features inherited from Scala and … Continue reading

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Format and convert

The truth is that programmers often need to embed dynamic variables into static string patterns. To accomplish this feat we used to write something like: or even A good news is that Scala 2.10 brings a shiny new string interpolation: … Continue reading

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Mutable/immutable collections prefix convention support

As described here we should prefer the following code style for mutable and immutable collection names: Scala plugin for IntelliJ IDEA (nightly builds) now supports this code style by default. First of all, it brings useful code inspection, helping to … Continue reading

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Embrace Recursion

Recursion is an essential tool in functional programming (FP) – it is the canonical way (and often the only way) to represent iteration. Being a hybrid object/functional language, Scala offers both recursion and imperative control structures (like do, while, etc) … Continue reading

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