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TeamCity 8.1 EAP1 is Out!

TeamCity 8.1 EAP1 is now available for you to try! Among the valuable additions of this build is the ability to automatically merge feature branches to the master if you are working with Git and Mercurial. The feature is extremely … Continue reading

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TeamCity 8.0 RC is available (build 27390)

We’re glad to announce the availability of the TeamCity 8.0 release candidate. We worked hard polishing various rough edges and we hope you’ll appreciate our efforts. A significant change in TeamCity licensing is worth mentioning. The change is targeted at … Continue reading

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New TeamCity EAP build (27323) is available

TeamCity 8.0 release is close and at the moment we’re mostly focused on enhancing the currently implemented functionality. As a result, this EAP build does not have many new features but rather brings with it a number of bug fixes … Continue reading

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TeamCity 8.0 EAP (build 27284) with new IDEA make

TeamCity 8.0 is coming and we’re thrilled to present the next EAP to you! Working hard, we have added several new features and we continue to make improvements of the existing ones. New make in IDEA Project runner We integrated … Continue reading

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Explaining the Shared Resources plugin

This post describes one of the new features in the upcoming TeamCity 8.0 Using TeamCity, we can easily set up a build farm using a central TeamCity server and several connected build agents. By having multiple build agents, we can … Continue reading

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TeamCity 8.0 EAP (build 27147)

More than a month passed from last TeamCity EAP and we’re glad to disclose what have been done. Multiple improvements were made to the functionality we introduced in previous EAPs. Project groups We continue to integrate groups of projects into … Continue reading

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TeamCity 8.0 EAP (build 26984)

Hello everybody! New TeamCity 8.0 EAP is waiting for you to try. This build contains several improvements and new features which make TeamCity an ultimate choice for large installations. Project groups When this major feature was introduced, there were only … Continue reading

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TeamCity 8.0 (code name Gaya) EAP is open

Hello everyone! Today we’re opening EAP for TeamCity 8.0 (code name Gaya) in order to give you some fresh stuff, to play with during weekend. Let me briefly describe what we’ve done already and share some of our plans for … Continue reading

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TeamCity 7.1 EAP (build 23892)

Hi everyone! We’re already counting the days till the final TeamCity 7.1 release, and today we have a fresh new EAP build for you which is basically what the release build is going to be like, except we still need … Continue reading

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TeamCity 7.1 EAP (build 23833)

Today’s EAP build is all about significant improvements in Feature Branches support. Since the release date approaches, we’re focusing on polishing already introduced features and fixing known issues. Here’s what we have for you this time: Extended branches specification syntax: … Continue reading

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