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Build Agent API Changes

After our posts about TeamCity’s new multiple build steps (previously called “multiple build runners“) feature and further changes in .NET build runners, I believe that plugin developers might have some questions to be clarified. So today, I’m going to shed … Continue reading

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JetBrains E-Shop, Community Blackout Recovery Schedule

Hello all, This is a post for those of you who’s currently trying (and failing) to buy something from JetBrains, or to submit a bug into our issue tracker, or contribute to one of our community resources. Today the extreme … Continue reading

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TeamCity Twitter Notifier

TeamCity provides several ways of getting notified about your builds’ status, like e-mail notifications, Jabber/XMPP instant messages and more. All the notifiers allow flexible customization to fit your needs. However, there are other ways to keep track of your projects. … Continue reading

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TeamCity 5.1 EAP (build 13215)

Yet another TeamCity 5.1 EAP build is now available. Here is the list of features and improvements included in it: Customizable list of build configurations on the Overview and My Changes pages. Improved Diff view. HTML email notifications. Ability to … Continue reading

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TeamCity 5.0.3

The fresh update for TeamCity, which comes with a number of bug-fixes in it, is now available.Check the release notes for the complete list of included changes and download the build.As usual, we recommend backing up your TeamCity data before … Continue reading

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Opening TeamCity 5.1 EAP

We are glad to announce, that we’ve just opened an Early Access Program for TeamCity 5.1. Here’s the short list of only some of the improvements and features that today’s EAP brings: Customizable email notifications — now you can use … Continue reading

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.NET Code Coverage in Two Clicks

If you have ever dealt with .NET code coverage for NUnit tests, you surely know that it is quite a tricky thing to configure: you need to read docs to properly set up launching a command line coverage tool in … Continue reading

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TeamCity 5.0.2 is Now Available!

Great news for all TeamCity users!We are glad to announce the fresh from the oven update – TeamCity 5.0.2, which brings a number of fixes you might find tasty.Check the release notes for the complete list of included changes and … Continue reading

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Update for TeamCity 4.x Users

Only a week ago we released TeamCity 5.0, but here we are again with news for those who use TeamCity 4.x and, for some reason or other, do not upgrade to the latest version. We just released the TeamCity 4.5.6 … Continue reading

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TeamCity 5.0 Released!

The wait is over, ladies and gentlemen! The release build is baked, tested, and put on the shelf. Tastes good, so go and grab it now! Let us write down a short summary of what was accomplished since the TeamCity 4.5 … Continue reading

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