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TeamCity Performance Monitor

When working with TeamCity, we get a lot of feedback on our continuous integration process. We can see when compilation started, which unit tests passed and which failed. But how much memory do we consume while compiling our software? What … Continue reading

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Automatically Building Pull Requests from GitHub

Scenario You’re running an OSS project* and someone makes a pull request. You’ve got two choices: Merge and Pray Pull to local branch, build, run tests and merge if all OK What do you do? Well, what is it going … Continue reading

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Deployment Automation with Octopus Deploy and TeamCity, Feb. 12 Webinar

You’re probably familiar with building and testing code in TeamCity, but how do you deploy the built artifacts? How do you promote your deployments between development, test, staging and production environments, while keeping the process reliable, automated and secure? Octopus … Continue reading

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Get Notified about Builds Status in Google Talk

This isn’t a brand new feature, but one might not yet know that besides email, Jabber, rss, IDE and Windows tray notifications, you can configure TeamCity to sent notifications about builds status via Google Talk instead of Jabber. The only … Continue reading

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Overriding Template Settings

It’s quite a typical case when you need to create several more or less similar build configurations in TeamCity, for example, to run builds in different environments, or create a separate build configuration for release builds, etc. Of course, you … Continue reading

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Build Agent API Changes

After our posts about TeamCity’s new multiple build steps (previously called “multiple build runners“) feature and further changes in .NET build runners, I believe that plugin developers might have some questions to be clarified. So today, I’m going to shed … Continue reading

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.NET Code Coverage in Two Clicks

If you have ever dealt with .NET code coverage for NUnit tests, you surely know that it is quite a tricky thing to configure: you need to read docs to properly set up launching a command line coverage tool in … Continue reading

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Using TeamCity NUnit Launcher

After not so short break we are back with the next post of our .NET mini-series, and today we are going to tell you about TeamCity NUnit Launcher — a bundled NUnit test runner. In most cases, if you need … Continue reading

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Unfolding TeamCity Addin for NUnit Secrets

In today’s episode of the NUnit mini-series we’d like to share some information on using TeamCity Addin for NUnit. As we wrote in our previous post, to provide tests state tracking and on-the-fly reporting, TeamCity bundles NUnit and includes its … Continue reading

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Managing TeamCity Database

Here, at JetBrains, we use TeamCity to build all our projects – commercial, open-source, and internal solutions. This is why we understand the value and importance of information that will be kept “inside” TeamCity server as well as the burden … Continue reading

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