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TeamCity 8.0.1 (build 27435) is available

The first bugfix update for version 8.0 is already available! It has a fix for regression in the Powershell runner (TW-29803), a few performance improvements in the Git agent side checkout when SSH is used (TW-14598), fixes in custom charts … Continue reading

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Improve Build Times with Compressed Artifacts

This guest blog post is from Philipp Dolder, Software Architect and Continuous Integration Expert at bbv Software Services AG, a new JetBrains Training and Consulting Partner. Philipp is an enthusiastic software architect, agile coach, continuous integration expert and joint-owner of open … Continue reading

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Explaining the Shared Resources plugin

This post describes one of the new features in the upcoming TeamCity 8.0 Using TeamCity, we can easily set up a build farm using a central TeamCity server and several connected build agents. By having multiple build agents, we can … Continue reading

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Typed Parameters and Continuous Deployment

As I hope you’ve had a chance to see for yourself, TeamCity is an excellent tool for continuous integration used as a core ingredient in the continuous deployment process by many teams and greatly loved for its cool features, flexibility … Continue reading

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Mercurial bookmarks

First TeamCity 8.0 EAP brought a Mercurial bookmarks support. Let’s see how you can use them with TeamCity. Mercurial bookmarks are lightweight branches like those you have in Git. While a regular Mercurial branch is a property of a commit … Continue reading

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TeamCity 7.1.5 is finally available

It took us more than 2 months to prepare one more bugfix release. Most of the team are busy working on TeamCity 8.0 but bugfixing is definitely never ending story So here is one more bugfix release in 7.1.x branch: … Continue reading

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Continuous Integration and Delivery – Professional Courses with Paul Stack

In partnership with JetBrains and Skills Matter, Paul Stack will be running several Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery courses at Fleet Street – London. Each two-day course consists of a mixture of lectures, hands-on labs and practical exercises.  Registration is … Continue reading

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TeamCity plugin for Visual Studio

When working with TeamCity and Visual Studio, we can do a lot of things right from within our IDE. We can trigger a remote run, fetch dotCover code coverage information from the server, view changes and builds from a tool … Continue reading

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Continuous Integration for PHP using TeamCity

TeamCity supports your Continuous Integration (CI) process in many technologies like Java and .NET. It’s not because we don’t provide other technologies out-of-the-box that you can not make use of them! In this post, we’ll put TeamCity to the test … Continue reading

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TeamCity Performance Monitor

When working with TeamCity, we get a lot of feedback on our continuous integration process. We can see when compilation started, which unit tests passed and which failed. But how much memory do we consume while compiling our software? What … Continue reading

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