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TeamCity Performance Monitor

When working with TeamCity, we get a lot of feedback on our continuous integration process. We can see when compilation started, which unit tests passed and which failed. But how much memory do we consume while compiling our software? What … Continue reading

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Automatically Building Pull Requests from GitHub

Scenario You’re running an OSS project* and someone makes a pull request. You’ve got two choices: Merge and Pray Pull to local branch, build, run tests and merge if all OK What do you do? Well, what is it going … Continue reading

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Setting up TeamCity as a native NuGet Server

TeamCity 7.0 EAP (Early Access Program) was recently opened and one of the new features is the built-in support for NuGet. I recently blogged about setting up TeamCity to pack and publish NuGet packages via a plug-in and this plug-in … Continue reading

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TeamCity 5.0.3

The fresh update for TeamCity, which comes with a number of bug-fixes in it, is now available.Check the release notes for the complete list of included changes and download the build.As usual, we recommend backing up your TeamCity data before … Continue reading

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Tags in TeamCity

As you might know, TeamCity comes with such feature as build tags – do not confuse with supported VCS tags, because that’s an entirely different story. You can assign any number of tags for a single build, and then use … Continue reading

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Opening TeamCity 5.1 EAP

We are glad to announce, that we’ve just opened an Early Access Program for TeamCity 5.1. Here’s the short list of only some of the improvements and features that today’s EAP brings: Customizable email notifications — now you can use … Continue reading

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