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About Artem Govorov

Artem Govorov is an independent contractor at JetBrains working in WebStorm team. He's JavaScript addict and creator of spy-js and wallaby.js.

Spy-js 2.0: New Level of JavaScript Tracing

It has been almost 7 months since we released WebStorm 8. The recently rolled out WebStorm 9 brings a lot of new things on top of that, so today I’m going to tell you more about some new exciting features … Continue reading

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Spy-js: WebStorm secret service

Introduction What is the difference between Orem, Utah, USA; Munich, Germany; Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia; and St. Petersburg, Russia? Well, they are thousands of kilometers apart, span 3 climate zones from continental to subtropical, and only one of them is … Continue reading

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