WebStorm 7.0.1 Release Candidate

3 weeks after WebStorm 7 release we would like you to try its minor update – WebStorm 7.0.1.

Based on your valuable feedback on our issue tracker we made a lot of fixes and improvements. That is why before making this update available for everyone we first introduce it as a Release Candidate. It requires active license.

You can download WebStorm 7.0.1 RC on EAP page. The Release notes are available here.

Some notable improvements in WebStorm 7.0.1 include:

  • improved TypeScript 0.9.1 support with more than 20 fixes, code style configuration and new error messages
  • Disable Emmet in CSS only option
  • configurable test delay for Auto-test option

We are looking forward for your feedback on youtrack.jetbrains.com!

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WebStorm and Windows Azure Mobile Services

With Microsoft’s Windows Azure Mobile Services, we can build a back-end for iOS, Android, HTML, Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps that supports storing data, authentication, push notifications across all platforms, and more. There are client libraries available for all these platforms which can be used when developing in your IDE of choice, for example AppCode, Google Android Studio, or Visual Studio. On the server-side, we can write Node.js code.

In this post, we won’t go into the innards of Windows Azure Mobile Services. Instead, let’s focus on how we can use WebStorm to build the server-side code which has to be written in Node.js. Note that the workflow described applies to development of any Node.js app: VCS integration, the REST Client plugin and NodeUnit test integration can be used in other projects as well. Continue reading

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Webinar: WebStorm Tricks and Tips, October 24th

Join us Thursday, October 24th, 16:00 GMT (12:00pm USA East Coast) for a free webinar, WebStorm Tricks and Tips with John Lindquist.

Have you been wondering how to use WebStorm like a real pro? What are the “secret” keys that make lines of code appear in a second?

In this webinar JetBrains’ evangelist John Lindquist will share the WebStorm tricks that only come from years of experience. He will cover all the need-to-know keyboard shortcuts and WebStorm customization and workflow tips that could really boost your productivity and take your web development experience in WebStorm to a whole new level.

Our webinar is geared towards developers of different proficiency who use WebStorm or work with JavaScript, HTML and CSS in IDEA, PhpStorm, PyCharm or RubyMine. Space is limited; please register now. The recording will be available within a week after the webinar.

John LindquistJohn Lindquist is a Technology Evangelist at JetBrains. John has spent the majority of his career developing Rich Web Applications. Before joining JetBrains, he was a Technical Architect at Roundarch leading large teams in building the latest and greatest in web apps for the Air Force, HBO, and Bloomberg.
John focuses much of his free time on delivering high-quality video tutorials and offering them up for free on his youtube channel (http://youtube.com/johnlindquist). He recently has launched his own video tutorial training site at http://egghead.io currently focusing on AngularJS.
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Running JavaScript tests with Karma in WebStorm 7

With every update of WebStorm we try to add support for modern technologies and tools that help make your development experience even better. In WebStorm 7 we introduced support for Karma – a simple and flexible tool for executing JavaScript tests, developed by the AngularJS team.

Now you can choose either to use JSTestDriver to run your test in WebStorm (learn about the JSTestDriver plugin), or to try Karma.

Here is some basic info about Karma integration in WebStorm:

  • It uses a local server to run the tests in the selected browsers installed on your computer;
  • It can run tests written with the use of Jasmine, QUnit, or Mocha, or write a simple adapter to use any other framework you like;
  • It works with the istanbul code coverage engine.

Here is a short guide about using Karma in WebStorm. Check out the screencast or read the post to start using Karma. You can also look through our tutorial Running JavaScript tests with Karma.

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Welcome WebStorm 7.0 – Everything you need, at your fingertips, without compromise

WebStorm7_bannerThe WebStorm team is happy to present the latest version of our IDE – WebStorm 7.0. We’ve worked hard to make it even better for you, and we hope you’ll like it.

Here is a list of top 7 updates that we are most excited about:

  • EJS
  • Web Components
  • Mustache and Handlebars templates
  • With added support for EJS, Web Components, Mustache and Handlebars templates, WebStorm 7 provides an even more complete development experience.
  • Stylus — Initial support for Stylus stylesheet language that includes competition, formatting, syntax highlighting and automatic compilation to CSS.
  • Karma and istanbul — Karma test runner integration with istanbul code coverage engine for simple and powerful JavaScript testing.
  • npm — integrated node package manager helps you search, install and update node modules for your project.
  • Terminal — built-in Terminal right in the IDE.

Other important updates include:

  • Improved Variables view in JavaScript debugger and new Elements tab.
  • Support for the latest TypeScript 0.9.
  • Added support for Compass, a CSS authoring framework.
  • New features in REST Client.
  • GitHub pull request, and much more.

For more details please read What’s new in WebStorm 7 and download the IDE for your operating system.

WebStrom 7.0 is a free update for everyone who purchased their licence after September 26, 2012.

Develop with pleasure!
WebStorm Team

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Improved JavaScript debugger in WebStorm 7

The new WebStorm 7 comes with a redesigned debugger for Google Chrome which supports the latest features of WebKit Remote Debugging Protocol and V8 Debugger Protocol.

Though this change mainly affects the debugger’s backend, WebStorm 7 users will definitely notice improvements in its performance, as well as some very useful updates. You can quickly learn about these in the screencast or read this post for more details.

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WebStorm 7.0 Release Candidate

There’s only a few days left before the official release of WebStorm 7!

We’ve been working hard on making some final fixes and improvements (to learn more about the changes made since the release of WebStorm 7 Beta, please check out the release notes). And now right before the major release, we’d like to publish WebStorm 7.0 Release Candidate.

You can download WebStorm 7 RC for your operating system from the website. This version requires active WebStorm license or you can use it for 30 day evaluation.

We welcome your valuable feedback on our issue tracker and would like to thank everyone who participated in our Early Access Program.

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WebStorm 7.0 Beta is available for download

We are in the home stretch now and are very excited to release WebStorm 7.0 Beta today.

We’d like to remind you about the major updates that we’ve made and that are going to be in the upcoming release:

  • JavaScript templates support (EJS, Mustache and Handlebars)
  • initial support for Stylus
  • Compass
  • integrated Karma test runner with istanbul code coverage engine
  • built-in npm and Terminal.

You can learn more about WebStorm 7 additions and improvements on WebStorm web site and download WebStorm 7 Beta for your operation system.

We welcome your feedback: leave your comment in our blog and submit any issues you might have on YouTrack.

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WebStorm 7 EAP 131.24; local terminal and Compass support

Today we’ve released a new EAP build of WebStorm, which completes the feature set planned for WebStorm 7. The two big new features added in this build are support for Compass and the integration of the local terminal, which previously made its appearance in other products such as PyCharm and PhpStorm. Also the Stylus support is quite a bit further along than in the previous EAP build, with working code completion and a large number of bugfixes in the parser.

The detailed list of changes can be found in the release notes, and the build itself is available for download on the EAP page and for patch-based update from within the IDE.

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WebStorm 7 EAP 130.1630; Stylus support

The new EAP build of WebStorm 7, build 130.1630, brings an initial implementation of the highest-voted feature in the WebStorm issue tracker: Stylus support. The implementation is very new, so please don’t be surprised if you encounter red code or some of your favourite CSS features not working; please do report all of the problems to the issue tracker.

For more details, please check out the release notes. The new build is available for download on the EAP page and will soon appear as a patch-based update within the IDE.

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