WebStorm 10 EAP, 140.2424: spy-js application dependency diagram and fixes

The second Early Access build for WebStorm 10 (140.2424) is now available for download.

If you missed the announcement last week, let us remind you about WebStorm 10 EAP new features: JavaScript support improvement, simultaneous HTML tag editing, advanced search features and source map support in spy-js, distraction free mode and more.

This update addresses some issues found in the first EAP build as well as previously known problems and adds some new features. The full list of issues fixed in WebStorm 10 EAP, 140.2424 you can see in the release notes.

spy-js application dependency diagram

Meet yet another amazing new feature available in spy-js: runtime app/event diagrams for client-side and Node.js apps. Check out a gif (about 3 mb) to see how it works.

You need to start spy-js or spy-js for Node.js session, in the context menu of the app or even in the spy-js events pane select Show application dependency diagram and start exploring the dependencies.


The nodes in the diagram are project files, while the edges represent the fact that there’s one or more functions in the source file that invoke functions in the target file.

Details tree on the right hand side is displayed for a selected node or an edge, it displays the connecting function combinations, along with event(s) the calls are made within (and how many times).

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WebStorm 10 EAP

It’s February already and we can’t wait any longer for the Early Access Program for WebStorm 10 to start!

Go ahead and download the first WebStorm 10 EAP build (140.2167) right now! EAP builds do not require an active license.


Even though we haven’t announced a development roadmap for WebStorm 10, there are so many exciting ideas on our mind. But before starting to work on any new features, we decided that the first and top priority should be to bring the long-awaited JavaScript support update and other important improvements to the IDE.

New features will be announced as the Early Access Program goes on. We look forward to your feedback and bug reports in our issue tracker.

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io.js already in WebStorm


Are you as excited about the release of io.js 1.0 as we are?
io.js is a fork of Node.js that is using the very latest version of V8 and brings ES6 features and lots of changes and improvements in the core modules.

Here’s a short checklist that can help you prepare WebStorm to work with io.js.

In Node.js configuration (Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | Node.js and NPM), set up the path to the io.js executable. This path is used when creating new Run/Debug configurations to start and debug your app:


By default, io.js Mac installer symlinks the io.js binary to /usr/local/bin/node, so no changes may be needed. However, if you’re using nvm on your Mac or Linux, you should set the path explicitly to the io.js binary.

Next, download io.js source files to get code completion for the methods from the core modules. At the moment, WebStorm can’t download them automatically, so please follow the link to iojs.org/dist and get tar.gz for the io.js version you use.

Then click Configure… under Sources of Node.js core modules, select Directory and specify the location of the downloaded sources:


In JavaScript preferences (Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | JavaScript), you can select ECMAScript 6 as a JavaScript version.

Make sure that the external libraries Node.js Globals and io.js core modules (listed by the name Node.js v1.0.1 core modules) are selected:


Now you should be able to get new methods resolved and autocompleted.


You can run, debug and profile io.js code using WebStorm’s Node.js run/debug and spy-js for Node.js configurations.

Develop with pleasure!
– JetBrains WebStorm Team

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WebStorm 9.0.3 Bug Fix Update Available

WebStorm 9.0.3 (build 139.1112) is now available for download!

The update brings lots of fixes and minor improvements basically in every part of the IDE (you can look through the release notes for the full list of addressed issues). It is the last planned update for WebStorm 9, we are hoping to start the Early Access Program for WebStorm 10 very soon, so stay tuned!

You’ll get an automatic notification about the update in the IDE.
You can install a patch-update, if you’re using WebStorm 9.0.2. Otherwise, you can download WebStorm 9.0.3 from the website and install it.

Develop with pleasure!
– JetBrains WebStorm Team

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WebStorm 9.0.2 Bug Fix Update Available

WebStorm 9.0.2 (build 139.773) is now available for download!

While the update is mostly focused on the bug fixes (you can look through the list of addressed issues in the release notes for builds 139.773 and 139.625), there are also a couple of “visible” changes: a new Welcome screen and an updated icon:


Together with the release, we are also glad to present a completely reworked layout of our online documentation.

Other noticeable updates include:
npm install and npm update actions for package.json files;
- multiple improvements in Dart support (enums support and Stagehand project templates);
- new Enable Meteor hot code push configuration option for running Meteor apps (available in Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | JavaScript | Meteor, now allows WebStorm start Meteor apps with “hot push” on changes);
- basic TypeScript 1.3 support and more.


You’ll get an automatic notification about this update in the IDE.
You can install a patch-update, if you’re using WebStorm 9.0.1 or WebStorm 9.0.2 EAP. Otherwise, you can download WebStorm 9.0.2 from the website and install it.

Develop with pleasure!
– JetBrains WebStorm Team

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WebStorm 9.0.2 EAP, 139.625: Bug Fix Update

WebStorm 9.0.2 EAP (build 139.625) is now available!

This early access build brings dozens of bug fixes and improvements including basic support for TypeScript 1.3 features (WEB-14149), fix for the Node.js debugger issue (WEB-13972), improvements in Dart support, and more. For the full list of fixed issues, please see Release notes.

Please note that it’s an Early access build, we are hoping to ship stable update soon. Any issues please report on our issue tracker.

Download WebStorm 9.0.2 EAP on the WebStorm EAP page. To patch-update from WebStorm 9.0.2 select Early Access Program update channel in WebStorm preferences (Appearance & Behavior | System Settings | Update).

Develop with pleasure!
– JetBrains WebStorm Team

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Gulp in WebStorm 9

Whether you’re using Grunt or Gulp as a build system/task runner in your project, WebStorm is here to help you with that.

WebStorm 8 introduced Grunt console (you can read about it in this blog post), and now WebStorm 9 brings integration with Gulp.


With Gulp you can easily automate your build process. It helps you execute various tasks, such as optimizing images, compiling the stylesheets, concatenating and minifying files. Gulp uses Node.js streams and, thus, can perform multiple operations on your assets really efficiently without creating temp files. Check Gulp website for more details.

WebStorm can help you run and debug your Gulp tasks. Moreover, since gulpfile.js (a Gulp build file) is a JavaScript code, WebStorm can also provide you with coding assistance for that. Let’s see how it all works.

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Webinar Recording: A Deep Dive into WebStorm 9′s New Features

The recording of our October 30th webinar with John Lindquist, A Deep Dive into WebStorm 9′s New Features, is now available on JetBrains YouTube channel.

In this webinar John covers the hottest new features in the recently released WebStorm 9. You will learn React basics and how WebStorm can help you develop with this popular library. Then John gives his tips on running and debugging Meteor application in WebStorm and shows amazing new features of spy-js (spy-js code completion and magnifier), Gulp integration, EditorConfig support and postfix code completion.

As always, John shows dozens of really cool WebStorm features that could really boost your productivity, like using and creating custom Live templates, cyclic code completion, search for actions and many others.

You can read more about some of the features demoed in the webinar on our blog:

If you haven’t updated to WebStorm 9 yet, it’s a great time for that!

The new features covered in this webinar are available in WebStorm 9 and PhpStorm 8 and also in the upcoming IntelliJ IDEA 14, RubyMine 7 EAP and PyCharm 4. This webinar is geared towards developers of different proficiency.

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Spy-js 2.0: New Level of JavaScript Tracing

It has been almost 7 months since we released WebStorm 8. The recently rolled out WebStorm 9 brings a lot of new things on top of that, so today I’m going to tell you more about some new exciting features I have been working on in spy-js, and will share some tips and tricks on how to use them.

Spy-js powered Autocompletion and Magnifier

Last fall, in a spy-js presentation I mentioned a few possible distant-future features. Well, the future is here and today those feature come true. Please welcome spy-js-driven code completion and magnifier!

Enable autocompletion and magnifierBefore using these new features, make sure to select “Enable spy-js autocomplete and magnifier” in the Events toolbar menu. By doing so, you will allow spy-js to perform some additional ‘dark magic’ during its code instrumentation phase, to make possible what you’re about to see.

These new features are available for the browser and node.js, so I will use a sample MEAN stack application to demonstrate both of them in action.

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WebStorm 9.0.1 Bug Fix Update Available

A bug fix update, WebStorm 9.0.1 (build 139.252), is now available. If you haven’t updated to WebStorm 9 yet, now is a perfect time – go ahead and download WebStorm 9.0.1!

This bug fix update addresses the issue with WebStorm freezing on opening minified JavaScript files. We also fixed the problem with changing colors for HTML tags highlighting and the problem with the TFS plugin. The full list of fixed issues is available in the release notes.

A nice new feature that was added is support for Emmet in JSX code.

You’ll get an automatic notification about this update in the IDE.
If you are using WebStorm 9.0, a patch-update is available. If you’re using earlier versions of WebStorm, you need to download WebStorm 9.0.1 on the product website and reinstall it. Unfortunately, a fresh install is also required for those who updated from WebStorm 9RC directly to WebStorm 9.0.

Please report any bugs and submit feature requests in our issue tracker.

Develop with pleasure!
– JetBrains WebStorm Team

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