JetBrains Astella Merges Into IntelliJ IDEA

Hi guys,

As you probably know, the Flash and Flex ecosystem has recently undergone significant changes. Many developers have to decide which way to go and which technologies to use. Their choices, in turn, affect us, tools providers.

We at JetBrains are committed to improving Flash and Flex support.

After carefully looking at Astella feedback and EAP builds usage statistics, we decided to merge Astella functionality into IntelliJ IDEA. We have just announced a new Flex project setup interface ready to use as part of the forthcoming IntelliJ IDEA 11.1. Its look and feel should be very familiar to you because it’s so similar to Astella’s.

The only difference now is that IntelliJ IDEA does not bundle the Profiler and UI Designer plugins. This is not much of a problem since you can install them from the JetBrains plugin repository in just a few clicks.

As of today, Astella EAP builds have been put on hold. Still, as part of the IntelliJ IDEA team, we will continue to deliver bugfixes and new features for you guys, as well as answer your questions via support and our forums.

We’d like to say a huge Thank You to all of you who have used Astella in recent months and shared your feedback. We hope you will find your new home with IntelliJ IDEA.

Let’s keep moving forward, together! :-)

JetBrains Astella team

P.S. You can meet the Astella team members in person and ask any questions you might have at FITC Amsterdam and/or the Hamburg Flex User Group meeting. And of course, we are always available here in our blog, in our forums and the bug tracker.

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16 Responses to JetBrains Astella Merges Into IntelliJ IDEA

  1. aq says:

    So will we be able to still use Astella. Current trial expires on 20th Feb.

  2. acid says:

    Very bad news.
    We used Astella EAP as a main ide and were pretty happy with it. Overall feeling of astella is very good compared to other eclipse-based ide’s . I think it should’ve been released even without design view ‘couse the main things like code editor and debugger are really awesome.

  3. ksafonov says:

    @aq Unfortunately no. But you can use IntelliJ IDEA instead.

    @acid We suggest to migrate to IntelliJ IDEA. All the user interface, workflow and features are the same. You can just go through plugins list and turn off those you don’t need.

  4. SergeyP says:

    Is there a way to get a new valid license for a month or less? I want to export some special settings to IDEA, and I don’t know a way how I could run Astella to get a final look at.

  5. aq says:

    Please, give us one month more to prepare the swith to IntelliJ

  6. Yuri says:

    Sad news. Why to “put Astella on hold”? It is merged to IDEA – ok, that is good option for those who needs big flexible IDE for Java, Groovy, AS3, and many other plugins… But what if I need only lightweight focused tool for flash/web like PhpStorm, WebStorm, PyCharm… So why not to merge PhpStorm and WebStorm to IDEA too and “put them on hold”?

    And why not to warn about such a move before EAP build expiration? So, +1 to aq and SergeyP. It would be nice if you give us a time to move from Astella.

  7. Alexey Efremov says:

    As far as I can understand, I have to purchase the whole IDEA to continue using Astella’s great functionality. Does Astella fully merged to IDEA, or is there any significant differences? At the final point, by buying IDEA, can I count that whole flash/flex functionality will be supported in IDEA even if Astella would have a separate release?

  8. Thorbjørn Lindeijer says:

    I’m not amused that I have to spend today switching back to Eclipse + Flash Builder plugin, and sad that it won’t turn into an affordable Flash/Flex development environment.

    I very much enjoyed the months I was allowed to use Astella. Thanks for while it lasted!

  9. Adam Kidd says:

    Thoroughly disappointed by this announcement. I only started using Astella because it was intended to be a more specialised and cheaper version of IntelliJ IDEA that only included the functionality that I needed (Flash and HTML5 dev)

    If my only option is to purchase the whole IntelliJ IDEA package along with all the elements that I simply don’t need, I’d rather just use FlashDevelop, Flash Builder or FDT instead..

  10. Robert Penner says:

    IntelliJ is $199. You can buy it 3 times for the price of one FDT ($599). And Flash Builder is $699.

  11. John says:

    I also had hoped that Astella would make it as a standalone project. I have been using IntelliJ for all my Flash development but I was not able to justify the cost of switching my whole team over from Flash Builder to IntelliJ, considering that we had to purchase Flash Builder anyway. So I guess we’re still stuck with Flash Builder, which by comparison is just awful. Really for those of us on a Mac who can’t run FlashDevelop this was by far the best option because FDT is quite expensive and its code editor is even slower than FB’s. I was really looking forward to converting everyone to Astella. What a shame. Well I guess this is better than if we had bought the licenses and you had decided a year from now that you had to axe the product.

  12. Thorbjørn Lindeijer says:


    Actually IntelliJ is only “cheap” when you buy a personal license, and I’m not going to buy a personal license for software I need for my job. When my company would pay IntelliJ, it is over $600.

    An additional problem is that my company already has a site-wide deal for Flash Builder, so while I may have been able to convince my manager to pay Astella, doing the same for IntelliJ IDEA does not seem realistic.

  13. David says:

    Really too bad, I was hoping for a cheaper and more specialized version of the already great IDEA.

    Am I able to import my Astella projects into IDEA now that it has been abandoned?

  14. chris says:

    Well thanks for telling the users where we stand.

    I just hope that Intellij treats all languages it says are supported equally. The java focus of intellij makes languages like actionscript/php/html feel like second priority. Astella made us forget that intellij has come from a java specific ide.

    Intellij needs to remove all it’s java dependencies for the future of being a cross language ide now Astella does not exist.

  15. Florian says:

    Even though i would have used Astella for development, it’s more important for me to know that i can rely on IDEA for my Flex development.

    Keep up the good work and if you guys revive Astella, i’ll get a copy.

    Bets regards from Germany, Florian

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