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DataGrip 2017.1 Early Access Program Started

Hello! The new year has already brought us a new version of DataGrip, as today we start the Early Access Program for DataGrip 2017.1. Everybody can try this free build and take the new possibilities for a spin: – Сolumns … Continue reading

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DataGrip 2016.3 Released!

Hello, everybody! This release cycle was really important for DataGrip — triggers support, find usages inside views/procedures, bulk submitting of changes: all these features were long-awaited and we thank everybody who helped us provide them in the right way during … Continue reading

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Another EAP build: Data conversion, materialized views in PostgreSQL and more

Bonjour! We are rushing to the release and here is a new bunch of features you can already try in the DataGrip 2016.3 EAP. The most notable feature of this build is data conversion. Now you can copy-paste your data even … Continue reading

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More source codes! New EAP of DataGrip 2016.3

Hello! We have a new EAP build out which is very important. Now DataGrip shows triggers and views source code and lets you find usages of tables/views inside other views, stored procedures and functions. So how does that work? The IDE … Continue reading

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New EAP build of 2016.3: bulk submit, improved drivers management, renaming views and more.

Hi there! It’s time for the new EAP build for 2016.3 which is going to be released later this November. There are several interesting features inside, so without further ado let’s take a look at them. Bulk submit changes You’ve waited … Continue reading

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We open EAP for DataGrip 2016.3

Hello! As you know, there is a good tradition to let you try new product features before the official release, so today meet DataGrip 2106.3 Early Access Program. This version features integration with dump tools, several new inspections, the possibility … Continue reading

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Connecting DataGrip to MS SQL Server

Some specific needs of SQL developers like connecting to SQL Server from OSX and even using Windows authentication can be covered by DataGrip. Since releasing DataGrip, we’ve received lots of comments about connecting to SQL Server. It appears it’s not … Continue reading

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DataGrip 2016.1 Released!

Hello! Like all other desktop products from JetBrains, DataGrip is switching to the new versioning scheme. So please give a warm welcome to the next release, DataGrip 2016.1. For those of you who were curious and impatient to try the … Continue reading

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Announcing 0xDBE 1.0 Preview

We at JetBrains are approaching the release of our brand new IDE for developers who work with SQL and databases. We’ve started the 0xDBE 1.0 EAP (Early Access Program) over a year ago and we appreciate how many people have … Continue reading

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