Test Driven Development with ReSharper 2.0

One more great ReSharper overview was published by Paul Laudeman at his blog. Using ReSharper as an essential part of your TDD toolkit describes ReSharper’s unit testing support for NUnit test framework and a number of other features such as code generation and navigation. For those who haven’t tried this functionality yet and want to learn more, we recommend reading the Unit Test Runner description from the ReSharper’s help.
By the way, we are going to add ‘friendly’ blogs to our blogroll. So, everyone who is blogging about .Net in general and ReSharper in particular can send us a link to the personal blog using the ‘Share your knowledge’ text box on the right side bar.

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2 Responses to Test Driven Development with ReSharper 2.0

  1. Michael Hedgpeth says:

    I’ve found resharper to be very helpful in my TDD activities. The code generation makes it go really fast. However, I wished it would support MSTest. Any plans on including this support?


  2. Paul says:

    Good question! I believe I heard that MSTest support was being considered for version 3.0 (or later).

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