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Talking ReSharper

Saying “thanks” to all those who have talked ReSharper. Continue reading

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ReSharper 4.0 Nightly Builds Available!

ReSharper 4.0 Nightly Builds are Available! Continue reading

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ReSharper in Detail: Reformatting Code

ReSharper can reformat any selected block of C# or VB.NET code, all code in the current file, all files in a directory, the current project, or even the current solution, according to your settings. Continue reading

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ReSharper in Detail: CamelHumps

CamelHumps is a feature that identifies parts of compound names composed according to CamelCase. It is used in several navigation commands, including Go to File, Go to File Member, Go to Type and Go to Symbol, as well as Extend/Shrink Selection and Next/Previous Word. Continue reading

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R# 4.0 EAP – FYI

Sad but true: R# 4.0 EAP is late. According to our updated schedule, it’s going to start before February 15th.   See Ilya Ryzhenkov’s latest blog entry for details. Technorati tags: ReSharper, ReSharper 4.0, EAP

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