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ReSharper 5.1.2 Release Candidate

Here’s some news on the latest build from the ReSharper 5.x family. You can download ReSharper 5.1.2 Release Candidate (build 1764) that provides support for Test Projects (MSTest) re-targeted to .NET Framework 3.5, in line with functionality provided in Visual … Continue reading

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ReSharper 6 EAP is Open; Details on JavaScript Support

All ReSharper users, please kindly welcome ReSharper 6 Early Access Program that starts today. Download ReSharper 6 EAP builds and watch that page for subsequent builds. Why should you care? Here’s a couple of reasons why you should try ReSharper … Continue reading

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Announcing the brand new JetBrains Apparel Store!

From now on, we not only eat our own dog food – we also wear our own T-Shirts. Join in on the fun today! We are still tuning and polishing the design of the store, but you can already shop … Continue reading

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Automating File Header Information with ReSharper

[Update: ReSharper 6 now support Macros in File Headers. See the following post for more information] Many OSS projects often have some license information at the top of each file, reminding you of the evils you need to comply with. … Continue reading

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Coverage with TeamCity and dotCover with MSTest, NUnit or MSpec

As some of you know, we recently shipped TeamCity 6 which includes, out of the box, a bundled version of dotCover. What this means is that you can now get free coverage for your code easily, and of course even … Continue reading

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JetBrains TeamCity 6 is Released, Bundles dotCover

JetBrains’ renowned continuous integration and build management server, TeamCity, has just reached another milestone with its brand new version 6. Apart from Gradle and Maven 3 support, multiple build steps, build priorities, new “My Changes” page and other valuable improvements … Continue reading

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