ReSharper 5.1.2 Release Candidate

Here’s some news on the latest build from the ReSharper 5.x family.

You can download ReSharper 5.1.2 Release Candidate (build 1764) that provides support for Test Projects (MSTest) re-targeted to .NET Framework 3.5, in line with functionality provided in Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Beta.

Here’s what you’ve got to do to make ReSharper 5.1.2 RC work with this kind of projects:

  1. Follow these guidelines on enabling re-targeting of Test Projects to .Net Framework 3.5 in VS 2010 SP1 Beta.
  2. Copy two files, namely QTAgent32_35.exe and QTAgent32_35.exe.config, from %programfiles%Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0Common7IDE to %programfiles%JetBrainsReSharperv5.1Bin.
    You’re done.

If all goes well with this RC, we’ll use it for the official release of 5.1.2 in mid-January.

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2 Responses to ReSharper 5.1.2 Release Candidate

  1. Joe White says:

    Did you fix, or does it still crash Visual Studio like it did in previous (post-5.1.1) nightlies? In 5.1.1 it just pops up the warning telling me there was an unhandled exception, which I can live with — but in 5.1.1753.3, it terminated Visual Studio with a “send this error to Microsoft?” every time solution-wide analysis tried to analyze a particular one of our source files (and not a large one, at that).

    The YouTrack issue is closed as “obsolete”, and my comments saying “no, it’s not obsolete, it still crashes VS in the latest build” have been ignored. I sent a profile of it getting the OutOfMemoryException to Kirill in October, but haven’t heard anything back yet.

    There’s not much sense in my taking the time to download this version if I’m just going to have to uninstall it again.

  2. Hi Joe,

    I’ve reopened the issue, we’ll look at it another time.

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