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ReSharper 7.1 Early Access is Open

Say hello to ReSharper 7.1 EAP! Starting today, you can download early builds of the new ReSharper update. In this release, we’re trying to focus on little things: removing minor but irritating flaws as well as introducing small improvements that … Continue reading

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Profiling from the Command Line using dotTrace Performance

Did you know that you can run dotTrace Performance from the command line? Why would you want to run it from the command line? Maybe you want to share the same profiling configuration across the team? Maybe you want to … Continue reading

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ASP.NET 4.5 and ASP.NET MVC 4 Support in ReSharper 7

In spite of all the wonderful things happening in the Windows 8/WinRT world, ReSharper continues to provide support for existing technologies such as ASP.NET. In the latest release, ReSharper is augmented with new features for supporting ASP.NET 4.5 and ASP.NET … Continue reading

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An update to dotTrace SDK is released

Good news for dotTrace Performance SDK users. Today we’ve released a minor update which includes the following fixes and changes: A new updated sample for better understanding of how to use dotTrace Performance SDK in the most efficient way. ProfilerState.IsProfilerActive … Continue reading

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Save or Save To in ReSharper Options

Since ReSharper introduced the layered structure for saving its options, we all face the choice of clicking Save or Save To whenever we change any settings. The good news is that the Save button will do the job for most … Continue reading

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dotCover 2.1: What’s inside

As you might already know, last week we released an update to dotCover. This minor version includes a series of bug fixes and improvements as well as a couple of important features worth noting in details. Visual Studio 2012 Integration … Continue reading

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A Super Simple ReSharper Plugin – MVC Verbs

ReSharper has many extension points. Some are obvious and well known, such as the element problem analyzer “squigglies”, the Quick Fix “lightbulb” menu items, unit testing support or code cleanup modules. But there are plenty more, perhaps not as obvious, … Continue reading

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Winners of JetBrains marketing study raffle announced!

JetBrains recently ran a marketing study, asking .NET professionals about their IDE preferences. The study lasted one month, attracting 320 respondents and gathering very useful information. We’ve randomly selected 11 winners, 10 of whom will receive $50 Amazon certificates, and … Continue reading

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ReSharper 7: Summary of Main Features

It’s been over one and a half months since the release of ReSharper 7, and in that timeframe we’ve already rolled out a minor update fix (7.0.1). Microsoft, on its part, has yesterday officially launched Visual Studio 2012 which ReSharper … Continue reading

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dotCover 2.1 is Released!

We are happy to announce the availability of dotCover 2.1 RTM build! Please feel free to download and try it. This new version is notable for: Visual Studio 2012 support including the ability to choose icons and menu style according … Continue reading

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