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New Code Inspections in ReSharper 7

As with every release, ReSharper comes with a number of inspections and fixes for diverse real-life development scenarios. This post illustrates both new inspections and quick-fixes as well as improvements to already existing analyses. Inspection Smorgasbord Here is a sampling … Continue reading

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Remote Profiling with dotTrace Performance

You’ve got a thorny performance problem, but it only happens in your staging and production environments. For some reason, you just can’t seem to reproduce it on your local machine. What’s a developer to do? Fortunately dotTrace can profile a … Continue reading

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dotCover 2.1 Release Candidate

dotCover 2.1 Release Candidate has arrived! Please don’t hesitate to download and try the RC build. If any critical issues are still bothering you, feel free to report them and have them fixed before release.

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Huge discounts on personal licenses for .NET tools

Starting today and all the way through September 14, as part of the traditional Back to School promotion, we’re offering discounted new personal licenses for ReSharper, dotCover, and dotTrace Performance. For example, you can now buy personal licenses for: dotCover … Continue reading

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