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Windows Phone 8 Support in ReSharper 7.1

As many of you know, after months of waiting Microsoft has finally released Windows Phone 8 SDK to the general public. This means that you can now start writing WP8 apps and it should probably come as no surprise that … Continue reading

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XAML Support Refresh in ReSharper 7.1

Just so you know, we’re continuously trying to improve the coding experience of everyone who works with XAML. ReSharper 7.0 that we have released a couple of months ago was highly focused on supporting Windows Store application development and quite frankly, didn’t contain many … Continue reading

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12,571 Miles to Build 2012

Meet Hadi Hariri, Matt Ellis and Brian Noll at the sold out Build 2012 event, October 30 – November 2, 2012 at the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, Washington. Windows 8 is on the plate and if you stop by our … Continue reading

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Free Webinar Featuring ReSharper and ViEmu, October 24th

Join James Kovacs in a webinar showcasing how ReSharper can be used alongside ViEmu. ReSharper provides code inspections, refactorings, navigation, and coding assistance. ViEmu focuses on fast and efficient editing of text. Together they provide a powerful combination that can … Continue reading

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ReSharper on the Server: Detecting Code Issues in the build

Did you know that you can run ReSharper Code Inspections on the server using TeamCity? In fact, we added support for this functionality in TeamCity just over a year ago but it seems that the feature is not widely known, … Continue reading

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ReSharper 7 Overview for Plugin Developers

Every new release of ReSharper brings new features and possibilities for plugin writers, and also introduces changes in the API — sometimes small, sometimes substantial — that plugin writers need to accomodate to get their plugins supported under the new release. This … Continue reading

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dotCover 2.2: Early Access Program is Open

Today we are opening the Early Access Program for the new version of dotCover, code coverage tool with integrated unit test runner. You are very welcome to download and try the latest build of dotCover 2.2. The main purpose of … Continue reading

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