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Another ReSharper 8 EAP Build. More Features

Earlier this month we announced the first EAP of ReSharper 8 and a set of features that came with it. Now we have another EAP build out there, and a few more features available for you to try out. Here’s … Continue reading

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ReSharper Code Analysis Goes Beyond Visual Studio

One of ReSharper’s most notable features, Code Analysis, is now unleashed and ready to hunt for bad and dead code—without even opening Visual Studio. Dubbed as InspectCode, it is as simple as a command-line tool can be and requires a … Continue reading

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Jon Inspects ReSharper – Free Webinar Tuesday, April 9th

Jon Skeet, man, father, legend. Some call him the Chuck Norris of C#. The guy that the compiler bends to obey is going to join us for this webinar to walk us through some of the inspections that ReSharper offers. … Continue reading

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Remote Profiling using dotTrace

We’ve already had a series of blog posts on remote profiling with dotTrace. We’re now accompanying it with a short video that demonstrates how to attach the dotTrace profiler to a remote server (in this case hosted on Azure), which … Continue reading

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Remote profiling Windows Azure Cloud Services with dotTrace

With dotTrace Performance, we can profile applications running on our local computer as well as on remote machines. The latter can be very useful when some performance problems only occur on the staging server (or even worse: only in production). … Continue reading

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TeamCity plugin for Visual Studio

When working with TeamCity and Visual Studio, we can do a lot of things right from within our IDE. We can trigger a remote run, fetch dotCover code coverage information from the server, view changes and builds from a tool … Continue reading

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Introducing the ReSharper 8 EAP

In the world of technology, no-one can afford to stand still. As new frameworks and languages come out, ReSharper does its best to keep up. This is why we are happy to announce the opening of the ReSharper 8 Early … Continue reading

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