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ReSharper 8 EAP Build: JIT Edition

Well it’s here. With only one day left for the previous EAP to expire, we’ve managed to get a new EAP build. All is fine. Download the latest EAP now. Let’s see what’s in store in this build. Move Instance … Continue reading

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Coverage Filters in dotCover

Using dotCover, we can run coverage analysis on our code. We can verify which portions of our project are covered by unit tests and which are not. However, there are times when we don’t want to perform analysis on our … Continue reading

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Creating plugins for dotPeek

In a previous post, we’ve seen that dotPeek supports creating and loading plugins. The NuGet plugin for dotPeek is a good example to demonstrate how to get started creating plugins for dotPeek. Sources for this plugin are available on GitHub. … Continue reading

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Meet dotTrace 5.3.2 Performance with CLR 4.5 support

Today we are happy to announce availability of a new maintenance release of our .NET performance profiler. Please feel free to download and try the latest dotTrace 5.3.2 Performance. Starting from this update dotTrace Performance supports the latest version of … Continue reading

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ReSharper 8 EAP: NuGet based Extension Manager

ReSharper has always had a powerful extensibility story – its Open API allows plugins to use the same APIs that the core product uses. But distribution – discovery, installing and uninstalling – has previously been left to the plugin author, … Continue reading

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Peeking into NuGet packages with dotPeek

Using dotPeek, we can peek into assemblies by downloading symbols or by decompiling them. Out of the box, we can also open NuGet packages stored locally. But what about NuGet packages that we haven’t downloaded yet? Well… there’s a plugin … Continue reading

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