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JetBrains Rider 2017.2 is released

Please welcome Rider 2017.2 RTM: this year’s second major update to the new .NET IDE. For a recap, here are the highlights of this Rider update: Support for .NET Core 2.0: you can now edit, run, debug, test, navigate and … Continue reading

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F# support improvements in Rider 2017.2

Rider 2017.2 EAP builds come with a series of new features and improvements around F#, such as code folding, commenting with block comment, debugger expression evaluation on hover, support for XML docs in tooltips and more! Many visible improvements were made, as well as “invisible” … Continue reading

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ReSharper Ultimate 2017.2.2 available

A new minor update for the ReSharper Ultimate family is available for download! ReSharper 2017.2.2 fixes the annoying code completion bug with duplicate parentheses (RSRP-466206) and addresses the remaining known issues when completing сode with Tab (RSRP-466421). It also improves the … Continue reading

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Support for Unity Shaders in Rider 2017.2

The last couple of builds of Rider 2017.2 EAP have seen a number of under-the-hood and foundational fixes and updates to the Unity support. Firstly, Rider will now read options such as the unsafe flag and pre-processor symbols from the mcs.rsp mono … Continue reading

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Find in Path gutter and more UI improvements in Rider 2017.2

In Rider 2017.2 EAP, we made some changes to Find in Path (Ctrl+Shift+F). Search results from the same lines are now merged together. The Preview panel now has a left-hand gutter that displays line numbers, navigation icons, context actions and local change markers. … Continue reading

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