ReSharper Ultimate 2018.1 is available for download

Today we are ready to introduce the first major release of ReSharper Ultimate family for this year – please welcome ReSharper Ultimate 2018.1!

ReSharper Ultimate 2018.1 is available for download

ReSharper gets a significant number of bug fixes (based on more than 260 requests) and a bunch of features and improvements as highlighted below:

  • C# 7.2 support has been finalized by adding the missing pieces to the puzzle: non-trailing named-arguments, private protected access modifier, leading underscores in numeric literals, in parameter, ref readonly returns and locals, readonly struct type, ref struct type, and conditional ref operator. Now, if your code follows the latest language version – there’s no more red code!
  • Navigation features improved: Go to File Member gets a new grouping for better presentation of multiple classes in a single file; Recent Files shows Go to File underneath its search results; Search Everywhere adds a Unit Test filter; and Find Usages now has a disambiguate dialog with a suggestion to look for default constructor usages.
  • The code formatting engine was given a huge update – inspections and quick-fixes for formatter-related problems, including indenting, line breaks, spaces, and blank lines, can now be observed and fixed directly in the code editor.
  • C# 7.x support has been improved by adding more options to code style, inspections, quick-fixes, and context actions for deconstruction and discards.
  • .editorconfig file can now be used to set inspection severities for any scope: for the whole solution, for a project, or even for a specific file. Also, ReSharper now reads code style settings (Code Editing | C# | Code Style) from .editorconfig files and extends its support for Roslyn language conventions. In addition, the inspection severity settings can be read from a project’s DotSettings file.
  • Value Tracking, the Introduce variable refactoring, and the .foreach/.var postfix template now support C# 7.x features.
  • In the same way that ReSharper handles Roslyn coding conventions, it will also handle StyleCop rules directly from StyleCop configuration files.
  • A couple of handy features around code comments have been added.
  • ReSharper Build engine now supports Pre-/Post-build tasks.
  • The option Remember last search is now enabled by default.

As far as other ReSharper Ultimate tools are concerned:

  • ReSharper C++ 2018.1 comes with two new major features: Debug Step Filters which lets you avoid stepping into specific functions during debugging, and Includes Analyzer which helps you investigate the dependencies between the header files that affect compilation time. Other updates include a redesigned Go to File Member dialog, new code inspections, and a command-line tool to perform code cleanup.
  • dotCover 2018.1 has redesigned two of its vital features: continuous testing mode can be turned on for any unit test session instead of running a separate continuous testing session, and coverage information is now shown in a separate Unit Test Coverage window, instead of a per-session Coverage tab. dotCover console runner gets the ability to cover arbitrary managed processes and services (analyze-everything, analyze-service) and send the get coverage snapshot command to the running instance of the console tool. And last but not least, coverage analysis performance has been improved.
  • dotMemory 2018.1 comes with many minor user interface improvements. The most significant change is the reworked Analysis Subject panel. Now, it’s much easier to navigate your analysis path.
  • dotPeek 2018.1 can now decompile the async Main method, dictionary initializers, null-conditional operators, and await inside catch/finally blocks.
  • dotTrace 2018.1 has received a set of bug fixes and minor performance improvements.

Learn more about the new features and download ReSharper Ultimate 2018.1.

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30 Responses to ReSharper Ultimate 2018.1 is available for download

  1. Matvei says:

    Congratulations on another major release! I appreciate the ability to sync with editorconfig and StyleCop. Now I can just let ReSharper auto-format all my code and know that it’s compliant with my team’s guidelines. One less thing to worry about :)

  2. Bradley Uffner says:

    Please add an easy way to reset code formatting back to “Default” (or at least some previously saved state). It’s far to easy to change some settings without realizing that they broke formatting of something that wasn’t on screen.

  3. Don’t forget to push a new version of the Chocolatey packages for ReSharper!

    • Mike-EEE says:


    • Alexander Kurakin says:

      Since the beginning of 2018.1 release cycle, we have been using NuGet API “v3” to deploy our artefacts. Unfortunately, supports only “v2”, so we decided to discontinue uploading any artefacts to My apologies for the inconvenience.

      • Umm.. so you’re saying you were pushing stuff directly to the API, rather than using choco.exe?

        Dropping support for Chocolatey is really disappointing. I’d strongly encourage you to reconsider (and as an interim step, use choco.exe to push until the v3 API is supported).

        If you aren’t going to update the packages, then I’d be happy to take them over (as an existing package maintainer and Chocolatey moderator), but I know really does prefer it when packages are maintained by the original software authors.


  4. Mike-EEE says:

    WOOHOO! Congratulations team JetBrains/ReSharper!!!

  5. Aaron Manela says:

    when are dotCover/dotPeek/dotMemory/dotTrace going to be ported to Rider? Who wants to go back to slow visual studio?

    • Alexander Kurakin says:

      Hello Aaron! We are working on cross-platform profiling. The same is for “dotCover for Rider”. We aim for this year, but no hard ETA yet. As for dotPeek functionality, Rider has already been able to navigate to decompiled sources. If you are looking for the Assembly Explorer – feel free to upvote

  6. K. Carter says:

    Now my ForTea t4 template extension just stopped working. :-(
    Dang, I was in the middle of coding and decided to update.

    Any idea when ForTea will be updated?

  7. Martijn Kooij says:

    Is it by design that I now have to explicitly start a new test session AND reconfigure my continuous testing behaviour after each reopen of a solution?

    The previous behaviour of continuous testing was that you switched it ON for a solution and it remained on. So when you opened a solution your continuous testing session was immediately active, after building I immediately got test results.

    Now I have to perform multiple actions on each start. Am I missing something?

    • ekaterina.solovova says:

      Hello Martijn!
      Could you please check that “Save and restore Unit Test Sessions” option is enabled in “ReSharper >> Options >> Tools >> Unit Testing”? If it’s enabled all previously configured unit test sessions should persist when you reopen a solution (including continuous testing modes).

      Please note that Unit Test Sessions window is invisible on solution start, but continuous testing keeps working. Open Unit Test Sessions window again (using “ReSharper >> Unit Tests” or “ReSharper >> Windows” menu or by double-click on the continuous testing indicator in the right corner of the status bar) – all sessions should be there.

      • Martijn Kooij says:

        Thanks, save and restore session did the trick.
        Did that behaviour change in this update or is it just needed because of new stuff? For my use case it apparently made for a somewhat unpleasant update “experience”. Nothing too bad, just glad it works now, just wondering.

  8. Ant says:

    Congrats on the release. Unfortunately I’m now getting TypeScript errors for modules which are defined in my externalModules.ts (says it can’t resolve file). This worked in previous version. Any ideas?

  9. Mike Diack says:

    The jump from 2017.3.5 to 2018.1 has introduced significant performance regressions on my system (Win 7×64 SP1 fully patched, 4CPU, 16GB Ram, VS 2013 Update 5).
    I’ve not knowingly changed any settings during the upgrade, but now when starting a build (either a full rebuild or just a build) of a solution, there is a LONG pause (typically 15 to 20 seconds) before the build starts. The VS2013 status bar shows “Build starting “.
    This appears to be a significant regression performance wise.

  10. David De Sloovere says:

    When is the next release? I’m gonna downgrade because I’m getting a lot of issues.

  11. Virgil says:

    Disappointing, a lot of performance issues with R# 2018.1 and VS 2015, slowness, especially when saving xaml files. Everything is slower with this version… Downgraded to 2017.

  12. Huajieyang says:

    It will be great if I can install this to my /user/applications folder on Mac, in corporate it was restricted to install to /applications

    • Julia Vaseva says:


      I’m guessing that you mean Rider installation? If so, you should be able to drag dmg file to /user/applications folder to install it there.

  13. GreenMoose says:

    I agree with above regarding performance. 2018.1 made it pretty much useless to work with for me unfortunately, due to severe lagging when typing and RS have to “think” to match symbols (even in a small sample solution). Suspending RS and it is instant.

    I guess it is environment/config specific since such slowness cannot possible go unnoticed by the RS team.

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