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JetBrains joins the .NET Foundation

Recently at BUILD, Microsoft announced that JetBrains has joined the .NET Foundation, which you can read more about on the .NET Foundation Blog. What we’d like to comment on in this post is the reason behind this decision. Why join? … Continue reading

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Detecting and Solving Memory Problems in .NET E-Book

In the past we’ve published a series of blog posts about detecting and solving memory issues in .NET applications, most, if not all, authored by Alexey Totin, Technical Writer on the .NET Team. We’ve now aggregated all these posts, touched … Continue reading

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Hiring a Developer Advocate for .NET

[NOTE: This call is now closed] We are looking for someone who Believes in tooling and what we do at JetBrains Is passionate about programming languages Loves teaching, learning, producing content and speaking in public Doesn’t need or like micromanagement … Continue reading

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ReSharper 8 EAP Build: JIT Edition

Well it’s here. With only one day left for the previous EAP to expire, we’ve managed to get a new EAP build. All is fine. Download the latest EAP now. Let’s see what’s in store in this build. Move Instance … Continue reading

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ReSharper on the Server: Detecting Code Issues in the build

Did you know that you can run ReSharper Code Inspections on the server using TeamCity? In fact, we added support for this functionality in TeamCity just over a year ago but it seems that the feature is not widely known, … Continue reading

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dotCover 2.1: What’s inside

As you might already know, last week we released an update to dotCover. This minor version includes a series of bug fixes and improvements as well as a couple of important features worth noting in details. Visual Studio 2012 Integration … Continue reading

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ReSharper 7: Summary of Main Features

It’s been over one and a half months since the release of ReSharper 7, and in that timeframe we’ve already rolled out a minor update fix (7.0.1). Microsoft, on its part, has yesterday officially launched Visual Studio 2012 which ReSharper … Continue reading

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JavaScript improvements in ReSharper 7

ReSharper 7 greatly enhances JavaScript support by adding more analysis, quick fixes, code completion, as well as support for Jasmine and PhantomJS unit test runners. Code Analysis and Context Actions One of the biggest issues when writing JavaScript code, or … Continue reading

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Welcome our new Company Blog

Hello everyone, As you know, we’re a company of software products. Our .NET Tools are part of the 14 plus tools that we currently have. But a company isn’t just what we develop. It is also who we are, what … Continue reading

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dotTrace SDK: An API for Your Performance Needs!

UPDATE: This blog post is dedicated to dotTrace  version 5 which is now outdated. For the information about the latest dotTrace profiling API refer to the documentation. As of version 5 of dotTrace Performance we started shipping as part of the package, … Continue reading

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