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Profiling from the Command Line using dotTrace Performance

Did you know that you can run dotTrace Performance from the command line? Why would you want to run it from the command line? Maybe you want to share the same profiling configuration across the team? Maybe you want to … Continue reading

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Remote Profiling with dotTrace Performance

You’ve got a thorny performance problem, but it only happens in your staging and production environments. For some reason, you just can’t seem to reproduce it on your local machine. What’s a developer to do? Fortunately dotTrace can profile a … Continue reading

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SharePoint and LightSwitch Support in ReSharper 7

The ReSharper team here at JetBrains has added support for SharePoint and LightSwitch projects to ReSharper 7. Due to how these project types handle generated partial classes, previous versions of ReSharper displayed errors even though the project compiled successfully. By … Continue reading

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