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Unity performance best practice with Rider, part 2

Last time, we looked at Rider’s new performance indicators for Unity, which highlight expensive operations inside performance critical contexts, such as calling GetComponent inside an Update method. These highlights are intentionally different to traditional warnings and suggestions because there is no easy “fix”, … Continue reading

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Unity Performance Best Practices with Rider, Part 1

At JetBrains, we’re big fans of static analysis. Rider has over 1,200 inspections designed to warn about potential issues, or suggest changes, nearly all with quick-fixes to address the problem. Some are about consistency, such as naming standards and code style. Others warn about redundant, unused, … Continue reading

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Rider 2018.3.3 bug-fix update is here!

We’ve just finished polishing one more bug-fix update for Rider 2018.3 release. Install Rider 2018.3.3 and enjoy smoother coding! This update includes: Fix for total IDE freeze if SWEA is enabled (RIDER-24120). Updated plugin for Unity Editor to correctly recognize … Continue reading

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ReSharper Ultimate 2018.3.3 bug-fix update is released!

One more bug-fix update for ReSharper Ultimate 2018.3 release is here – please welcome ReSharper Ultimate 2018.3.3. ReSharper 2018.3.3 bug-fix fixes several performance issues (RSRP-472936, RSRP-472934, RSRP-473265) and a CodeRush compatibility issue (RSRP-472796). ReSharper C++ 2018.3.3 includes several correctness and … Continue reading

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Performance Improvements in ReSharper 2018.3

Today, we would like to tell you about our recent efforts aimed at making ReSharper faster. We’ll explore the four crucial performance improvements we’ve made in the 2018.3 release cycle: Refactoring the loading of assemblies Keyword completion Code completion in … Continue reading

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ReSharper Ultimate 2018.3 is released!

I’m here today to present to you this year’s last major release of ReSharper Ultimate. Don’t feel like reading? Then come and grab ReSharper Ultimate 2018.3! Let me show you what the ReSharper team has accomplished in this release:

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Redesigned Search Everywhere, Plugins, Templates and More in Rider 2018.3 EAP

With the Holiday Season right around the corner, we have a nice present for everyone: get the new Rider Early Access Preview (EAP) version and try it out! In Rider 2018.3, we’ve improved the Search Everywhere action along with a new … Continue reading

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Rider 2018.3 Is Just Around the Corner

As the title says, the Rider 2018.3 release is on its way. Before it hits us, take this opportunity to take all the new features and improvements for a spin! The latest build, available here, includes: Code Vision Remote debugging … Continue reading

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ReSharper Ultimate 2018.3 Is Within Spitting Distance!

Hello there, Coming into the homestretch of this release cycle, we’ve just published the new EAP8 build for ReSharper Ultimate 2018.3. If you’ve been wanting to try all the new features before this major release goes public, now is the … Continue reading

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ReSharper Ultimate 2018.3 starts Early Access Program

We’ve started a new Early Access Program cycle for ReSharper Ultimate – please welcome ReSharper Ultimate 2018.3 EAP. Let me highlight the big changes in the ReSharper 2018.3 EAP1 build:

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