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ReSharper Ultimate 2018.2.1 is released!

A week ago, we published the ReSharper Ultimate 2018.2 release. Today it’s time for the first bug-fix release – please welcome ReSharper Ultimate 2018.2.1! In ReSharper 2018.2.1, we have fixed the annoying bug that affected NUnit test framework support when … Continue reading

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Looking at the unit testing improvements in Rider 2018.2

In our latest Rider 2018.2 version, we made a number of improvements to unit testing. We now allow for renaming and locking unit test sessions, resulting in a better unit testing experience. We’ve added the option to navigate to the Unit Test Explorer, working with … Continue reading

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Rider 2018.2 is released

We are excited to introduce to you the new Rider release – please welcome Rider 2018.2! This release comes with a solid set of bug-fixes, and a bunch of new features and improvements which are highlighted in the list below: … Continue reading

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> dotnet dotсover test

Important: This post is outdated. Please use the instructions from the dotCover documentation. If you’ve got the idea of this post just by reading the title, you may skip the next paragraph and go right to the procedure. We’re going … Continue reading

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Unit test coverage and continuous testing. Now in Rider!

With each Rider release, we do our best to bridge the gap between Rider and the ReSharper Ultimate bundle. The top in-demand feature has certainly been “Rider + dotCover” integration. So, without further ado, please welcome the latest Rider 2018.2 … Continue reading

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Rider 2018.2 Early Access Program is open!

We are starting our Early Access Program (EAP) for the Rider 2018.2 release cycle. You’re welcome to download the first Rider 2018.2 EAP build from here. Here are some highlights of the new features in this EAP build:

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ReSharper Ultimate 2018.1.1 bug fix update is here!

Hello from JetBrains! We have something interesting for you today. A few moments ago, we published the first bug fix update for our first release of the year – ReSharper Ultimate 2018.1.1. Below, you can find a list of the … Continue reading

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Run Unity tests in Rider 2018.1

In our last couple of posts about new Unity features in Rider 2018.1, we’ve seen that updating our Unity editor plugin to be smarter now allows us to control play mode, and bring the Unity console directly into Rider. In this series: Control Unity editor … Continue reading

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Analyzing code coverage of web apps with the dotCover 2018.1 Console Runner

These days automating unit tests and application coverage is a routine activity in areas like CI and some complex integration testing scenarios. Seeing how most developers work on web applications, it was really annoying that the dotCover console runner had … Continue reading

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Web developer tools in Rider 2017.3: HTTP client and SVG editing

Our previous blog post showcased two great web developer tools in Rider 2017.3: LiveEdit and Spy-JS. Let’s look at two more tools Rider gets from WebStorm: a new editor-based HTTP client and a preview panel for SVG files. This post is part of a … Continue reading

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