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Welcome GoLand 2018.1 EAP: Better Inspections, Completion, Performance, and More

Following the opening of the EAPs for IntelliJ IDEA and WebStorm, the GoLand team is in a hurry to let you know that GoLand 2018.1 EAP is here with lots of goodies. Read below to learn what’s new or go … Continue reading

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GoLand 2017.3.1: Syntax Highlighting, Fill Structs, Debugger, and More

The GoLand team is recovering from the holidays, and we wish everyone who celebrates like us on Dec 31st/Jan 1st a very happy New Year! Here’s some good news for you. Though with a bit of a slight delay, GoLand … Continue reading

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GoLand 2017.3.1 Nightly Builds

The moment GoLand 2017.3 was released, our team started addressing the feedback you’ve been sharing with us. As we’re approaching GoLand 2017.3.1 (a minor update that brings lots of fixes), we’d like to remind you that its nightly builds are already available … Continue reading

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The Way to Go: JetBrains GoLand IDE Hits the Market

It has always fascinated us to see how fast the developer industry is evolving. If you watch it long enough, you’ll see new products and technologies join a developer’s essential toolset every year. No matter how effective or efficient a … Continue reading

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GoLand EAP 20: Go Build Run Configuration and Other Improvements

Hurray! A fresh GoLand EAP is now out.

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GoLand EAP 19: Docs in Param Info, Coverage for Multiple Packages, Build Tags and More

We’ve just published a fresh GoLand EAP build. Since we’re approaching the release date (roughly early December), we are now paying more attention to fixing important issues and the overall stability of the IDE. The published update comes with plenty … Continue reading

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Announcing GoLand (Former Gogland) EAP 18: Final Product Name, Templates Support and More

Yes, you read it right, it’s not a misprint: the final product name is now GoLand. We had to let the codename go and we’ll surely miss it. At the same time we hope everyone likes the new name. If … Continue reading

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Gogland EAP 17: Type Hierarchy, Call Hierarchy, Parameter Hints, Vendor Scope, and More

Meet Gogland EAP 17. Along with the usual bugfixes the update also includes a few notable changes.

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Gogland EAP 16: File Watcher, Tons of New Inspections, Smarter Navigate to Test, and More

Hooray, it’s time to check for updates! Please welcome Gogland EAP 16, a fresh EAP build with lots of improvements. Read on to learn more.

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Help us Choose a Name for our Go IDE

As you may know, Gogland is the codename for our new Go IDE that we’re building on top of IntelliJ Platform. While we’re working hard on the IDE itself, trying to make it fast and smart, we’re also brainstorming its final name. … Continue reading

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