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Maven-like Classpath in Maia

Starting next Maia EAP, classpath for Maven-based projects will be built following Maven rules. Also, IntelliJ IDEA will natively support compile, test and run-time dependency scopes. For more information see Maven Dependency Mechanism documentation.

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Improved Linking of Perforce Jobs

In the upcoming Maia EAP you will find a slightly different Commit Changes dialog. Automatic use of JobView filter on search results. Support for Perforce native search query syntax (in an example below we’re looking for Job in any field)

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Maven 2.2 Support

Next Maia EAP includes fully integrated Maven 2.2 support: Parallel dependency resolution Import dependency scope And more.

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Code Completion in Android XML Files

Maia provides code completion for AndroidManifest.xml and other XML resource files: AndroidManifest.xml file: Other XML resource files: For any Android XML file you also get completion of references to local and system resources:

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Developing Android Applications in Maia

Maia supports development of applications for Android operating system. To begin creating an Android application, open the File menu, click New Project, click Next, and then select Android Module type: Now you need to create Android SDK β€” just specify … Continue reading

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Gradle Support

The latest Maia EAP features lightweight support for Gradle build framework. You can add Gradle library to a Groovy facet: You can also run Gradle scripts via Ctrl+Shift+F10 in a script file:

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Importing Flexmojos Projects to IntelliJ IDEA 8.1.3

IntelliJ IDEA 8.1.3 includes initial support for importing Flex projects that are set up using Flexmojos Maven plugin. To start the import we need to have a compilable Flexmojos project that generates Flex compiler configuration file during compilation. Let’s take … Continue reading

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Original IntelliJ Cast

Let’s talk about type casts β€” those things you hardly can avoid in JVM-based code. Being a helpful IDE, IntelliJ IDEA now does all the casting stuff for you when you are using its code completion in Java and Groovy. … Continue reading

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Web IDE β€” IntelliJ IDEA for HTML and PHP Developers

Using IntelliJ IDEA on a daily basis, we’ve got used to its smartness while coding, and not only in Java, but also in XML, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, whatever, even in plain text. But there are SO many of our colleagues … Continue reading

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Spring Security 3.0 in Maia

Upcoming IntelliJ IDEA version, Maia brings you initial support for Spring Security 3.0, that includes: Code completion Formatting, syntax and error highlighting Advanced usage search

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