JetBrains introduces Astella — a new IDE for ActionScript, Flex, AIR and HTML5 development!

NOTE: JetBrains Astella Merges Into IntelliJ IDEA. Read more »

As you may know, IntelliJ IDEA has high-class support for creating Flash, Flex and AIR applications as well as HTML5 interactive content. As more and more IntelliJ IDEA users adopted these languages, we realized that they deserved a dedicated product that would meet their specific needs and make them even more productive. So today we’re very excited to introduce Astella — our brand new IDE for Sprite masters, frameRate hunters and Canvas gurus. And if you’re just learning the language and the platform, remember: a great tool is half the battle : )
Astella has an outstanding level of ActionScript, MXML, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS coding support, a Flex (and JavaScript?) debugger and FlexUnit test runner. It bundles an ActionScript profiler and a MXML Designer. And there’s more: Astella has a customized Flash/Flex project configuration interface that allows you to easily configure your project, no matter its size or complexity! At the same time, it’s lightweight and speedy and will never interfere with what you’re doing.

Astella Early Access Program is now open! Please download these builds at
We’re looking forward to your feedback at Astella forums and issue tracker.

Check for updates at the Astella blog:, follow @AstellaIDE on twitter and Facebook!

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains Astella Team

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18 Responses to JetBrains introduces Astella — a new IDE for ActionScript, Flex, AIR and HTML5 development!

  1. Doug says:

    Does this mean that I will need to now have two versions of your software to develop flash/flex code? I really hope not!

  2. Axel Rauschmayer says:

    How does Astella relate to WebStorm?

  3. MuppetGate says:

    You mean ‘development’.

  4. ksafonov says:

    @Axel FAQ page updated.

  5. ksafonov says:

    @MuppetGate thanks!

  6. emrahozer says:

    I’m currently using IntelliJ for flash development.I recently bought the personal licence for IntelliJ. Will I be able to redeem my licence of Intellij and switch to Astella ?

  7. ksafonov says:

    @emrahozer No, we have no license redeem program. Still IntelliJ will keep having all the Flash/Flex/AIR support features that Astella will get.

  8. emrahozer says:

    @ksafonov thanks.. I was afraid that you will give up support of Flash/Flex on IntelliJ.

  9. aqapo says:

    What when 30 days period will expire? Will there be possibility to prolong demo until final version release?

  10. ksafonov says:

    @aqapo we will be publishing fresh EAP builds every 1-2 weeks up to release date, each one working during 30 days since its build date.

  11. aqapo says:

    great! Thanks.

  12. Chris says:

    This is a great idea to support new users without the java background, hopefully you can hide some of the “java only bloat” that intellij throws at you. This was a learning curve for an as3 developer. From the recent molehill api and mobile support flash development is obviously far from over.

  13. Chris says:

    The only thing that would be missing for my workflow is your flash app communicating with the server so php support would also be desired.

  14. ksafonov says:

    @Chris Thanks for your kind words! Indeed PHP support availability depends on users requests, so please vote/comment on

  15. Philip says:

    +1 for PHP support

    One of the reasons I’m moving from FDT to InjelliJ IDEA is it’s awesome support for other scripting/markup languages. Although I focus on Actionscript, I need to use many different types of language on a day to day basis (XML, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, SQL, apache config .htaccess, etc). Although I don’t use languages such as Ruby, Python, you should definitely make it’s integration painless should a developer require it.

    (cross posted from

  16. Tyrone says:

    The download for the DMG does not appear available and I was so looking forward to it :(

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