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Unbundling TFS and CVS Integration plugins

Last year we ended out-of-the-box support for ClearCase and Visual SourceSafe. The main reason for that was the declining usage and low demand amongst our users.

Declining popularity and demand is the common tendency among several VCSs supported in IntelliJ IDEA. Namely, we have plugins for CVS and TFS integration still bundled with the main package, but the usage of these is very low. Moreover, the bundled TFS Integration plugin is designed to work with the old TFS versions, and working with the latest TFS and Azure requires our users to download a separate plugin.

To clear the confusion with TFS integration, remove unnecessary default options from settings and reduce IDE package size, we’ve decided to unbundle TFS and CVS Integration plugins in IntelliJ IDEA 2019.1.

Starting with the next 2019.1 EAP, to use the integrations users will need to install the corresponding plugin from the Marketplace, using the Settings – Plugins page, or manually.

Unbundling plugins does not mean end-of-support, we will still maintain compatibility and make sure no critical issues exist.

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