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“Go to Class by Name” tricks

Two nice tricks for navigating to a class by name (Ctrl + N). Find out how to quickly find a class that ends with particular symbols. How to match the end of a class name in IntelliJ when using Goto … Continue reading

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Something more about completion

Along with the basic code completion, IntelliJ IDEA provides so-called “smart completion” that can be considered as a separate feature that is far more intelligent than simple completion. Continue reading

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IntelliJ IDEA 5.1.2 Released!

JetBrains is glad to announce the release of IntelliJ IDEA 5.1.2 This release fixes several stability issues and bugs. See the complete list for more detailed information. Release is free for licensed users of IntelliJ IDEA 5.x and available for … Continue reading

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TabSwitch Plugin

The TabSwitch plugin allows you to switch between IntelliJ IDEA tabs like you switch between opened applications in Windows. With the plugin installed, just press Alt + A, and you’ll get the list of the opened tabs. The most recently used tabs come first. Continue reading

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Blog Tuning

It’s now about three months since the IntelliJ IDEA blog was started. So, we decided to update it a little bit. We hope you’ll like the new color schema. But that’s not all. We also improved navigation (yes, now we … Continue reading

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The real power of code completion

Code completion is now a must for each and every IDE. But are you using all its power in IntelliJ IDEA? Check out the tricks below to get the answer. Complete variables names How often do you need to declare … Continue reading

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Java SIG: Effective Java Reloaded and IntelliJ IDEA

The Monthly Meeting of the Java Special Interest Group (SIG) will take place on Tuesday, June 06 2006, 6:30 PM. Everyone who happens to be near Cubberly Community Center in Palo Alto, California is welcome. The agenda includes two presentations … Continue reading

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Automate your Ant scripts generation

Making a product out of your project is usually a boring and time-consuming task: just think about all those build scripts, Java launchers, and installers. And it often takes more than a week to generate all these, then obfuscate your … Continue reading

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IntelliJ IDEA 6.0: Built-in Struts Support

Starting from release 6.0, IntelliJ IDEA will provide Struts support out-of-the-box. The functionality is added by Struts Assistant plugin that is now bundled to IntelliJ IDEA. So you’ll get it without any additional download and installation. Furthermore, the plugin will … Continue reading

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JetBrains and Ajaxian joint survey

After IntelliJ IDEA 5.1 release, JetBrains asked what do you need/want from AJAX tool. The discussion first started at Javalobby and then continued at Ajaxian. We thank everyone who participated, since the answers were really interesting and useful. This time … Continue reading

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