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ThreadLocal in One Click

Most of applications initially are single threaded, and IntelliJ IDEA was no different; though luckily, now it isn’t — but we had to adapt our code to use multiple threads. In this post I’m going to tell you how. In … Continue reading

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Create a Class Really Quickly

To quickly create a new class I press Alt+Home and then Alt+Ins. And you?

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No More Missing TestNG Tests

I often forget to add newly created tests to the testng.xml, which is used in our TeamCity build, and by the time I realize that they don’t run something is surely went wrong. What a bummer! Not any more, fortunately … Continue reading

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Quick Code Cleanup

With IntelliJ IDEA you can quickly clean up your legacy code. If a problem occurs multiple times in a file, you do not need to manually apply a quick-fix every time — use the Fix all intention to repair them … Continue reading

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