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Listeners and Adapters

Occasionally implementing a Listener leads to an explosion of ugly empty boiler-plate methods. In such cases it is usually better to extend a matching adapter class and only override the needed methods. The next IntelliJ IDEA Maia EAP build will … Continue reading

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Avoiding Assert Statements with Constant Conditions

Though assert statements are very useful when it comes to checking runtime assumptions, using them to verify conditions that are constant is not so wise. Assert conditions that always evaluate to true are particularly unnecessary because they will never throw … Continue reading

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Towards Side Effectless Assert Statements

It is a well known rule that assert statements should cause no changes in state outside of them (aka side effects). Until now, you could only check if this rule was followed by visually inspecting the code. In IntelliJ IDEA … Continue reading

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IntelliJ IDEA 7 Milestone 1: Better Code Inspections, Intention Actions and more

Like any new release, IntelliJ IDEA 7 Milestone 1 contains many new features. So many in fact, it is probably impossible to notice them all. Among the many hundreds of inspections and intentions already present in the product, a new … Continue reading

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Running Mustang

Running a beta of IntelliJ IDEA 6.0 on a preview release of JDK 1.6.0 Continue reading

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Parentheses Inspections & Intentions

You know the “Unnecessary Parentheses” inspection? IntelliJ IDEA has had it for quite some time. And if you were a user of the InspectionGadgets plugin since before it was bundled with IntelliJ IDEA, you know it even longer. The inspection … Continue reading

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