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Introducing Package Search EAP

We’re happy to announce a new plugin for IntelliJ IDEA that will provide you a better experience when it comes to finding and managing dependencies in your JVM projects. And if you’re a Kotlin developer, you’ll be getting an additional … Continue reading

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RoboVM and the move to the IntelliJ Platform

The following is a guest blog post by Mario Zecher from RoboVM In the beginning… Sometime in early 2010, Niklas Therning formed the crazy idea of bringing Java and other JVM languages to iOS. Being a good hacker citizen, Niklas … Continue reading

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Touring Plugins – String Manipulation

The String Manipulation plugin allows us to perform a variety of tasks on strings, from capitalizing, converting to camel case, to escaping strings in Java, JavaScript, XML or HTML amongst others. The plugin itself is pretty straightforward. Once installed, it … Continue reading

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Touring Plugins – GitIgnore

I always have a .gitignore file in my Dropbox folder that I copy over for new projects, knowing that any subsequent update to the copy isn’t always synced with the original. Of course, it’s not always necessary either, but it’s … Continue reading

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Touring Plugins – Presentation Assist

When doing screencasts on IntelliJ IDEA or some of our other IDE’s, or giving live presentations, I usually use a very useful plugin which is called Presentation Assist. What it does, once installed, is display on screen the keyboard combination … Continue reading

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Touring Plugins: Software Metrics

IntelliJ IDEA is a platform on to which most functionality is provided in the form of plugins. IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate has all the functionality our other IDEs have (with the exception of iOS/OSX-targeted functionality in AppCode). Each smaller IDE in … Continue reading

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We’re hiring

[Update: Thanks to all the candidates that applied. This position is now taken, but we’ll surely post new openings on this blog so keep an eye on it] We’re looking for someone that: Believes in tooling and what we do … Continue reading

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Winner of the JAX Innovation Awards

A few weeks ago we received some good news in that we were nominated as finalists for the JAX Innovation Awards. These awards celebrate the culture of innovation that makes the JavaTM ecosystem prosper and be successful. To reach the … Continue reading

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