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Java Annotated Monthly – December 2015

Containers. IoT. Microservices. Reactive programming. These are the trends have driven the evolution of Java over the last twelve months. As web developers are shifting away from monolithic applications toward asynchronous, event-driven services, we have watched these same trends emerge … Continue reading

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Java Annotated Monthly – November 2015

From mobile devices, to middleware, to enterprise applications, Java has played a crucial role in shaping the design of business software for over twenty years. But Java’s audience is both the means of its growth and cause its own captivity. … Continue reading

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Java Annotated Monthly – October 2015

Welcome to the Java Annotated Monthly, your source for all the best news and announcements in the Java community! Each month we feature articles from Java developers around the web and hand-pick the most interesting content for your digital consumption. … Continue reading

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Java Annotated Monthly – September 2015

September is off to a busy start for many Java developers, and no busier than right here at JetBrains. Sweeping the chimney and stacking the wood, patching the roofs and packing the goods, we’re making our lists and checking them … Continue reading

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Java Annotated Monthly – August 2015

At 20 years old, Java remains the world’s most popular programming language this August, with nearly 10 million active developers. If accurate, this figure puts Java slightly ahead of Swedish. While only slightly easier to read, Java has a number … Continue reading

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IntelliJ Platform SDK Documentation Available

At JetBrains we rely on many open source projects, and provide a few of our own as well. Six years ago, we open sourced IntelliJ IDEA and since then, a growing number of developers have chosen the IntelliJ Platform to … Continue reading

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Java Annotated Monthly – July 2015

Open source is changing the way we build software – as Java developers we see it every day. Millions of applications use open source software to ship Minecraft plugins and spacecraft to Pluto. Open source developers maintain some of the … Continue reading

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IntelliJ IDEA 15 EAP is Open

At JetBrains we love traditions, those little things that make development more fun. The Early Access Program is one of them: it lets us share with you what we’re working on and get your feedback about the new features from … Continue reading

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Java Annotated Monthly – June 2015

This month we celebrate not only the 20th anniversary of Java, but also twenty years of PHP, and two decades of JavaScript. Was it good fortune that gave rise to the popularity of these languages today, or some combination of … Continue reading

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20 Years of Java — 20% OFF IntelliJ IDEA

As hard to believe as it is, the story you and we are a part of began 20 years ago, when Sun Microsystems announced Java on May 23, 1995. Today we look back on the journey we’ve made together, and … Continue reading

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