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Tutorial: Reactive Spring Boot Part 2 – A REST Client for Reactive Streams

This second step shows how to create a Java client that will connect to an endpoint that emits a stream of server-sent events.  We’ll be using a TDD-inspired process to create the client and test it. This is the second … Continue reading

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Tutorial: Reactive Spring Boot Part 1 – A Kotlin REST Service

This is the first step in a new tutorial showing how to create a Reactive Spring Boot application: Creating a Reactive service with Kotlin. This month (October 2019) I presented a live demo at SpringOne Platform, showing how to build … Continue reading

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Fully Reactive: Spring, Kotlin and JavaFX playing together

Spring Framework 5 brings full reactive support to developers everywhere. What better way to demo reactive programming than to actually build something live? In this presentation, Trisha creates an end-to-end application using Spring Framework 5, Spring Boot, Reactor, Kotlin and … Continue reading

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IDE Features Trainer: a New Way to Learn Your IDE

The family of education resources for IntelliJ IDEA welcomes a new member! Now, in addition to “What’s new” videos, documentation, blog posts and screencasts, the IDE Features Trainer plugin is available to help you learn the shortcuts for the most … Continue reading

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New Courseware for IntelliJ IDEA

One of the challenges we face with IntelliJ IDEA is showing new users how to quickly become productive. IntelliJ IDEA is a code editor, but it is also a database client, a static analyzer, a version control tool, and for … Continue reading

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Docker Support in IntelliJ IDEA 14.1

As developers, we can all agree that shipping code should be easy. Whether deploying to a local testing or staging server, our laptop, or a Unix box halfway around the world, builds should be portable, predictable and (mostly) painless. But … Continue reading

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How is Flex Doing? Quick Start Guides and Tutorials

Flex is doing good! Apache Flex SDK 4.10 was released in August, and there have already been more than 7500 installations of 4.10 within two months since its release. Of course this SDK is supported by IntelliJ IDEA. Nevertheless, according … Continue reading

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Android for the Busy Developer: Free 12-Lesson Course

Great news for everyone who’d like to get started with Android development but can’t seem to find the time! We are happy to announce a free training course, brought to you by Dino Esposito in collaboration with Tuts+ Premium, which … Continue reading

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Getting Started with Jelastic Cloud Platform in IntelliJ IDEA

you deploy your applications to the cloud, you will be glad to hear about support for Jelastic cloud platform in IntelliJ IDEA. In case you didn’t know, Jelastic is a rapidly growing cloud platform for Java applications, the winner of … Continue reading

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Getting Started with Adobe Gaming SDK in IntelliJ IDEA 12.1

IntelliJ IDEA 12.1 has complete support for the Adobe Gaming SDK, i.e. Adobe AIR SDK bundled together with Away3D, Starling and Feathers frameworks. For those who are interested in developing games using IntelliJ IDEA we have prepared a step-by-step tutorial … Continue reading

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