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Maven pom.xml editor new features

Since the latest IntelliJ IDEA  9.0.2 EAP the IDE contains a bit of new Maven-related pom.xml editor features. 1. Easier Navigation You can navigate to “Dependency usages” from “dependencyManagement” of your parent pom.xml: and back: You can navigate through projects … Continue reading

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CDI (JSR-299) Run with me…

Contexts and Dependency Injection (JSR-299) support in Maia has been significantly improved. Reworked tool window: New code inspections: Injection points inconsistency. Detects Injection Points with ambiguous and unsatisfied dependencies @Typed annotation errors. Unproxyable bean types inconsistency. And more: Improved Rename … Continue reading

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Web Beans (JSR-299): Dependency Injection Diagram

Maia gives you an easy way of analyzing Web Bean class dependencies — just invoke a pop-up menu on any class in your editor.

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Android Resource Management Features

Maia provides a number of smart features to make working with Android resources simpler. Convenient navigation from XML resource descriptors to appropriate Java fields in an R.java class… … and from Java code to resource files. Usage search for resources. … Continue reading

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Find Action Saves Time

Instead of wasting your time searching the menus and toolbars in an attempt find out that action you need right now, use the Find Action command (Ctrl+Shift+A) to quickly locate what you need. It works just like Go to Class:

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Quick Navigation to Project Structure

To change settings of a module that hosts the file you are currently editing, just press Alt+F1, 7 or open the View menu, select Select In and click Project Structure. IntelliJ IDEA will open the Project Structure dialog and jump … Continue reading

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Quick Class Hierarchy View Using UML

IntelliJ IDEA 8.1.1 will support Show Class Hierarchy action that displays class hierarchy of a selected type. Just place the caret at any type in the code editor and press Ctrl+Alt+U.

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