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Debugger Evaluate Expression Enhancements

Say, you hit a breakpoint in Java code: And you cleanly see that component is a label: You now want to investigate label internals via Evaluate Expression (Alt+F8), e.g. invoke its getText() method, but component declared type is Component and it … Continue reading

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Code Completion in Android XML Files

Maia provides code completion for AndroidManifest.xml and other XML resource files: AndroidManifest.xml file: Other XML resource files: For any Android XML file you also get completion of references to local and system resources:

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Original IntelliJ Cast

Let’s talk about type casts — those things you hardly can avoid in JVM-based code. Being a helpful IDE, IntelliJ IDEA now does all the casting stuff for you when you are using its code completion in Java and Groovy. … Continue reading

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Named Parameters Completion in Groovy

Groovy language support becomes a little bit better in Maia with the support for named parameters completion. Maia is now capable of displaying all named parameters ever used in method bodies.

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Second Smart Completion for Array Elements

Do you use second smart completion feature? Did you know that it also can help you when you have an array and want an element of it? Just press Ctrl+Shift+Space two times when completing:

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Easy Exclusion of Classes

You should already know that you can exclude certain classes from auto-import and code completion in IntelliJ IDEA 8.1. In Maia it will be even easier — you will be able to do it directly from the auto-import popup: And … Continue reading

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Excluding Classes from Auto-Import

IntelliJ IDEA auto-import popup is a very handy feature that lets you stop worrying about import statements in your Java class files. However, sometimes it can show more choices than you need (e.g. when some of the class names in … Continue reading

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Smart Completion of Java Primitive Method Parameters

Many API include methods like setXxx(int) where int is one of the predefined values, typically declared in the same class. The fact that these are just legacy methods that have been created prior to enums invention, does not stop IntelliJ … Continue reading

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