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In-place Replace in IntelliJ IDEA 10.5

Hi everyone! Long time ago IntelliJ IDEA got a face-lift for Find functionality where the old Find dialog was replaced with the editor’s toolbar. Now we’re introducing a similar, more comfortable and less modal Replace. A planned killer is that … Continue reading

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New in 10.5: Highlighting of HTML tag tree

Recently we’ve added a new code highlighting feature that should make it easier to work with big and complex HTML files, with deep nested tags structure: Please note that highlighting is only activated when there is more than one tag … Continue reading

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Custom file types in IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is a great IDE for Java, Groovy, Flex, Python, Ruby and many other languages. The text editor with camel-hump completion, and version control support are so great that it may be hard to switch to another editor which … Continue reading

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Full-featured IntelliJ IDEA Editor for Injected Language Fragments

You probably know about IntelliJ IDEA’s language injection feature. Right? IntelliJ IDEA X takes it even further. Now you can edit fragments of code injected in literals in a designated full featured editor with all your changes immediately reflected in … Continue reading

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Icons Preview in Gutter Bar

Maia supports preview of icons you are using in Java code directly from the editor. For each of the icon definitions (javax.swing.Icon), Maia tries to locate a file from which it is loaded and then shows a preview in the … Continue reading

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Show Parameter Info in SQL

In Maia the Show Parameter Info action (Ctrl+P) is available in SQL function calls and value expressions.

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Using Scope-Based Code Highlighting

One of not so well-known features of IntelliJ IDEA is an ability to differently highlight certain scopes in code editor. To use it, open the Settings dialog, under IDE Settings expand Editor, then expand Colors & Fonts, and select Scope … Continue reading

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