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The Inspection Connection – Issue #3, Annotation Validation

Android developers will be familiar with the concept of resource IDs, which are unique integers generated by the Android Asset Packaging Tool (aapt) for accessing resources within your application through the static class, R. Resource IDs are assigned to all … Continue reading

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The Inspection Connection – Issue #2, Proposition Transformation

Boolean algebra can be difficult to reason about, which is why IntelliJ IDEA provides several inspections and intentions to simplify boolean expressions, improve readability and help make your code less prone to bugs. Here are just a few you may … Continue reading

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The Inspection Connection – Issue #1, Migration Translation

The release of JDK 8 has introduced a number of new language features into Java vernacular. In this issue of The Inspection Connection, we will examine eight useful inspections that IntelliJ IDEA provides to help you become more fluent in functional … Continue reading

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Try IntelliJ IDEA 14 EAP 138.1283.4 with Code Cleanup, Android Studio Beta Features and More

I bet you’ll agree with me that dealing with legacy code is not a pleasant task. Almost like cleaning up an old storage room full of dust and garbage. Even if you have powerful inspections that tell you what’s going … Continue reading

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30 Days with IntelliJ IDEA. Inspections

We continue to publish new articles from the 30 Day Guide for learning the fundamental features of IntelliJ IDEA. Today we will talk about such basic thing as inspections. As you know inspections are built-in tools that help you find … Continue reading

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