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New in 11: Git log gets more power

The most exciting news for me is that now in forthcoming IntelliJ IDEA 11, we show Git revisions graph! Now that IntelliJ IDEA can visualize commits links, we’ve added context actions to tag a commit, create (and checkout) new branch, and checkout … Continue reading

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New in 11: Diff Tool for Binary Files

Did you know that IntelliJ IDEA 11 Diff Tool supports some of binary contents? Now, it’s not a problem to see changes from file history or a change list. Every binary content you’re able to open in IntelliJ might be … Continue reading

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New in 11: Changes digest for easier pre-commit review

As for me, after a few years of working in a huge project inside a big team, I became concerned about accidentally breaking the project. That’s why every time I commit something, I double-check my changes. In the forthcoming IntelliJ … Continue reading

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Control your Perforce connection

In IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 we’ve improved setting up your Perforce server connection and connection state diagnostics. Configuring connections If you are using P4CONFIG files for configuration, IntelliJ IDEA shows what config files it has found and what other default settings … Continue reading

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New in 10.5: Check TODO, patch into shelf & GNOME Keyring

There’s been a number of new things we’ve added in IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 related to version control support. You can try them already in a latest EAP build. And here’s a quick overview. Do not forget things… TODO! Now you … Continue reading

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Advanced GitHub Integration: Rebase My GitHub Fork

Hello guys, We’ve already described the basic GitHub integration features on IntelliJ IDEA before. Here comes more advanced stuff. We’ve made lots of improvements since then, but the main new thing to talk about is GitHub rebase support. GitHub provides … Continue reading

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IntelliJ IDEA 10 RC — Git log got hot

It is snowing outside our office but it is getting hotter and hotter inside. Guess why? That’s right, releases are getting nearer. RubyMine team did theirs yesterday. IntelliJ IDEA 10 is close enough too. Indeed, we’ve just published IntelliJ IDEA … Continue reading

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GitHub integration in IntelliJ IDEA: base features

Hello guys, We are pretty sure that many of you have heard about Github and some are probably using it for your projects. We are excited to reveal the coming GitHub support in IntelliJ IDEA 10 and in other IntelliJ … Continue reading

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No more misspellings in your VCS commit comments

How many times you wished you could edit your last VCS commit comment to correct a misspelling? Now you will notice such mistakes because IntelliJ IDEA 10 checks the spelling in the comment field. And it not just spellchecks the … Continue reading

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Tracing back changes in IDEA X

When diving into code details, the most common question would often be: – Why does this line stay here? When annotation doesn’t give the answer, jump into the change contents in one click: (coming in next IntelliJ IDEA EAP)

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